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Robert Broadhead   06/06/2021 12:28 Magna, Salt Lake City, United States.
Looking for Bryan Ridden who worked at the CISCO sand mine in corona California during the 1980s. He was my roomate, my name is Bob Broadhead, we lived in Lake Elsinore California. Thank you!
shylah muse   16/01/2021 03:12 ANDERSON, CA, United States.
Trying to find information on my great grandmothers family. As far as I can tell my great grandmothers name is Lizzie (possible Elizzie) Crawford, she also went by Lizzie Rowden. Her father was Colman Crawford and her mother Mary Rowden. I do not know if Mary was a first or middle name. I believe she was born in Tedas or Tennessee around 1882 but that is it that I can find. Any help would be appreciated.
Bunchof Losers   15/08/2020 19:29 Bend, oregon, usa.
The Rowdens of southern Oregon are a career criminal family. Nicholas James Rowden is a thief currently wanted for 2 felonies in Josephine County and his equally POS dad is a professional squatter.
alyson   31/05/2020 18:50 .
i have Myrtle (Brewer) Rowden as Cherokee. Married John Brewer. Died during childbirth? 1901
Dayna Rowden   28/02/2020 02:59 Washington, DC, USA.
Does anyone have information about a Captain John Rowden? Birthdate: 1700 Birthplace: Kent, England, United Kingdom Death: 1739 (38-39) Atlantic Ocean, (Lost at sea) Immediate Family: Son of Calieb Rowden and Frances Rowden Husband of Elizabeth Seammell Rowden Father of John Rowden, Jr. He is allegedly the patriarch and first immigrant of my line of Rowden’s in the U.S. His family initially settled in Virginia and migrated west to Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma.
jan   11/08/2019 08:12 .
Amazung. thank yiu, 07510160917
Iain Ramsey   06/09/2018 20:47 CANMORE, Alberta, Canada.
Hello... Looking for information on my 2x Great Grandmother or any other Rowdens living in or born in Kentish Town around the same time. SARAH JANE ROWDEN b.abt.1851 in Kentish Town, London, England. d.bef.1901 in West Ham, London, England. She appears on the 1891 Census as Sarah Jane Ramsey married to a William H Ramsey. Also listed is a number of children and 3 step-children including my Great Grandfather George William Tucker. (He later adopted the Ramsey surname, which was passed onto me.) I have found their marriage certificate from 1881, which lists her name as Sarah Jane Tucker. Also she appear on the 1881 Census with the 3 children as Sarah Jane Tucker (Widow). GW Tucker's birth certificate lists Sarah Jane Tucker (Formerly Rowden), and William Tucker as the father. Later children of WH Ramsey and Sarah Jane also list Rowden as the maiden name. Sarah Jane Rowden and William Tucker are a complete dead-end for me. I cannot find marriage information, etc. So any help gratefully received. P.S. There are a Sarah Jane and William Tucker on the 1871 Census, with William from Stratton, Wilts. But I have followed this line and it does not match.
Everett A Stlouis   12/08/2018 22:15 Canterbury, Connecticut, .
I am a descendant of the pilgrim John Howland through Thomas Rowdon. Look up the first US postage stamp engravers and you will find my Rowdon ancestors. Bosworth is the link from Hannah Howland.
Martina   09/07/2018 00:35 Riceville , Tenn, USA.
We came across a headstone in the woods, in Meigs County, Tennessee,. John W. Rowdon, Born/ Sept 30, 1858..Died Nov 11, 1858. Curious about history??? Thank You in Advance for any info... Martina Riden.
Laura Bingham   06/02/2018 06:38 Lewisburg, Tennessee, US.
Searching for an old friend. I believe his name is Stephen Douglas Rowden, son of James Franklin Rowden and Ruth Rowden of Decatur AL. Thanks for any word of his location.
tyler rowden   11/01/2018 06:17 San Diego, California , United States.
Hi my name is Tyler. I thought it would be interesting to some of you to share that there is a set of Rowden quadruplets. My siblings and I —Stephanie, David, Tyler, and William. We were born in 1990 in Flint, Michigan. Our parents are John W. Rowden and Deborah K Rowden (Primm) here is a link to a picture of us.
Brandy rowden   10/09/2017 06:02 OKC ok, USA ok, Usa.
Hey this is Brandi round my dad's name is John James Franco around I don't know exactly all his inside information but if you can help me out that would be nice
M.L.   12/02/2017 22:55 Los Angeles, Ca, USA.
Might Lorraine Rowden (Maiden Name) been in Penn. Dec.1949?
Cheyenne   20/06/2016 11:53 Idaho, United States.
Hello, I am trying to find the name of the ship that sank in the Atlantic that Capt. John Rowden was aboard in about 1738. Thank you :)
Kit Crawford   06/04/2016 17:04 , Tennessee, United States.
Initially Philip Rowden’s family lived in Newark, NJ where is older brother George Rowden later became a prominent citizen of Newark and a partner in the engraving business Dickenson and Rowden. Philip Rowden married in Livingston, NJ in 1856 and had a son (William H. Rowden) born in 1857. By 1860 he and his 1st wife, Sarah Amanda Dickerson (Dickenson) ? , were living in Edwardsburg, Cass County, Michigan. Sarah died on 20 Jan 1861, and she is buried in SILVERBROOK CEM. - OLD, NILE TWP., BERRIEN CO., MICHIGAN. By 1862 Philip Rowden was a Baptist minister and he remarried on 14 May 1862 in nearby Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana, to Mary Knapp, born in Pennsylvania about 1835. Records show they were married by Rev. Loyal A. Alford, the uncle of Mary Knapp. By 1863 Philip Rowden was living across the Michigan border where he registered for the draft in Burr Oak, MI in July 1863 and was commissioned in the US Army's 1st Michigan Infantry as a Chaplain in Aug. 1863. He mustered out on 29 Sep 1864 at Weldon Railroad, VA.
Kit Crawford   06/04/2016 17:03 , Tennessee, United States.
I continue to research the family of Reverend Dr. Philip Rowden, (born abt 1929 in England). He immigrated as a child with his family to United States in 1834. My wife's Rowden family is descended from Philip Rowden and his youngest child Frederick Rowden and wife Bessie Emeline Clark. Philip went from Newark, NJ to Elkhart,IN > Bronson, MI > Miami County, IN > Rochester, Indiana.
Leslely Slepner   03/04/2016 23:39 Berlin, New Jersey, USA.
Avis, you will find our family tree under Bow 2. If you look in the church records in Chumleigh, Devonshire you should be able to trace to James Edward Rowdon, our great-grand father. Let me know if there is more I can fill you in about. Lesley
Avis Hardcastle kirwi   28/03/2016 03:19 Pennsylvania, USA.
Hi I'd like to see the Rowdon tree and gain more info on my mother's family. Her name is Eiizabeth Jane Rowdon and was born in 1916 Norwood, PA. She was the youngest child and her parents died before I was born. My mother moved to Allentown, PA so I never met all her brothers and her one sister. There was Mary, Ernest, Mathew, James. I'd like to know more about the family. I do know that a family member has many updates on the family as a tree. Now that I am in the UK for extended stays again I can look up the Rowdon person they wanted me to look up a long time ago.
Kandace Rowden Nash   21/10/2015 07:49 Zillah, WASHINGTON, yakima.
Hi, I'm looking for my older siblings that would be half brother/sisters. My father was Delmar Eugene Rowden. He passed away in 1982.I believe two siblings names were Lynn and Connie... Please contact me if you think you maybe related.
Lori   04/10/2015 03:40 .
I'm trying to find out if the Rowden family has any Native American genealogy. Thank you,
Diana McKay   28/09/2015 21:26 Alton, IL, United States.
I am a descendant of Frank and Lydia Maltimore Rowden, and their son Clarence G. Rowden born 1874 IL married Rhoda Miller 1897 12 children Clarence died 1944 IL . Clarence had a brother named after his dad, but also a half brother Ernest Rowden. I am trying to find the name of Frank Sr. 2nd wife (mother of Ernest) and also if there were other children in addition to Ernest.
Jeff Rowden   17/06/2015 19:47 Washington, Franklin/Missouri, United States.
Hello Rowdens!!I was wondering if someone has a picture or could describe our family crest? There are 2 crests that I'm finding online. But I want to get the right one. Thanks for the help. Jeff
Gary G. Rowden   22/02/2015 21:10 Kilgore, TEXAS, United States.
When I try to join this group I get a unsafe message which sends me back. Hoping eventually to get to where I can join the Rowden group and order a 37 marker test YDNA. Anyone know how to get me where I need to go will be appreciated muchly.
jodi rowden   26/01/2015 14:39 knoxville, tn, United States.
John w.evans   23/01/2015 22:21 new ORLEANS , LA. , .
I'm trying to find out anything I can about my father Leroy Evans. I was told he died in a TX.prison he left my mom in new ORLEANS sometime in the 70's I was born 12-12-1968 I have two older brothers and a older sister. Witch where all born in Knoxville Tennessee. My mom and dad are also from Tennessee. Please if anyone can help please get in touch with me
ashley e rowden   16/12/2014 06:00 tyler, tx, us.
In the backwoods of tyler tx! My grandfather marc edmund rowden passed away a few yrs ago. Has one brother here in tyler and a brother in florida i to know im not the only
Kris M Fetter   22/09/2013 03:05 LAKESIDE, California, United States.
Just wanted to check in. I'm part of Sept 15-my grandmum Joan E. Rowden Fernandez Ketchum, was from Cambridge, married my granddad and became an English warbride, landing in California. I'm related to many Canadian (Sask) and Australian Rowdens. I hope that everyone had a great summer!
James Joseph   02/06/2012 23:00 Burgaw, NC, USA.
I am looking tor information on the Abraham Echols Rowden/Rachel Cheek family who moved from Henry Co, VA to Roane Co, TN somewhere around 1800. I can pinpoint that Penina Rowden (daughter) married George Delozier in 1808 in Roane Co, TN. I can't pinpoint when the family left Virginia. If anyone has that information, I would be interested in it.
Jesse Rowden   11/05/2012 14:29 Wichita, Kansas, US.
Hey Rowdens I am doing a school project about my family tree but i cant figure out anything past my grandfather his Name was Ted Wayne Rowden And I need some advice.
Kimberly (Schroeder ) Rowdon   27/03/2012 20:24 Temple, Texas, United States.
I am not a biological Rowdon - However, my husband is Terence McCullough Rowdon. Born to Joan M. ( Hetue ) and Frank C Rowdon. I don't know Frank's mother's name - I do know that his father's name was Clarence. My husband and I have been estranged for the last 6 years . We have a child together whom will soon be 8 ( Terence Mitchel Rowdon ). He's wanting to know more about his dad's family and since we know not where he is .... if anyone knows that they're related to these particular would help me out just a little. Also... my husband has 1 brother - Scott A Rowdon . I know that Frank has at least 1 sister ... but I can't remember her name as I never met her .
Jessica Ann (Rowden) King   10/02/2012 02:30 Petersburg, Alaska, Usa.
Hello I have been trying to track my fathers side of the family but I don't now very much about that side of the family. Any suggestions?
Maria   14/01/2012 02:32 Longton, Elk, KS, USA.
Hi all Rowdens! My name is Maria and my gg grandfather was Elijah A. Rowden b. 1791 Henry C. VA, through Roane Co. TN, then on to Cedar Co. MO where he is buried. He was married to Celia Hughes. I did learn that there a many variations of Rowden today! Then I found this page, WOW!!!! just looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle.
GARY ROWDEN   27/11/2011 20:00 MESA, AZ, United States.
I am amazed at all the information about ''ROWDEN'' I dont know much about my name but my fathers name was William Rowden and I believe his fathers name was 'LEE'' and they were from Norman OK. Through-out the years Ive heard that the Rowdens originially migrated to Virginia in the late 1600's or early 1700's which corraberrated some of the information I found on this amazing website. If anyone has any knowledge of the Norman OK Rowdens please share. Most of my known family is actually in Oregon (Southern) and some in the North in Salem/Portland area. My name is actually Gary Lee Rowden 08/29/65 and I had a son about 3yrs ago and his name is William August Rowden. My grandmothers name was Myrtle (married to Lee Rowden). I live in Mesa Az and was actually contacted by a person with the Rowden last name which I had thougt was a pretty rare name until I venture onto this website. Now my curiosity is awakened with glee and wonder. Look forward to hearing from people. Thank you.
Bruce King   02/11/2011 21:15 Northridge, CA, United States.
I just joined this site, but have been trying to find any information on a William Henry Rowden that immigrated from England(don't know exactly which part) and settled in the Brooklyn, NY area. He married Sarah Louise Butman and had a child Mary Rowden, b. 4 Aug 1845 in NYC, who married Albert Baxter King on 16 Sep 1868 in NYC. If anyone has any information about William Henry Rowden or Sarah L. Butman(Rowden) I would so greatly appreciate any leads/info available. Thanks much! Bruce Rowden King
Billy Joe Rowden jr.   27/08/2011 18:37 Denver, co, usa.
I was born 5-17-1979 in roswell nm,i am a metalsmith and engineer I have 2 brothers, Justin and Harlen, our father is Billy Joe Rowden sr, born in TX, his father was Eulis Rowden from TX... I am missing the rest of our family tree that meets with everyone else. I am looking forward to talking with and meeting other Rowdens!
sandra kay rowden   09/08/2011 20:01 symsonia , kentucky, usa.
howdy folks im sandra kay rowden i was born in october 26 1974 we have over 1,875 in the rowden family i know most of them and im suprized to see many of you on here this is neat i never saw this before im the deaf child now grown up i train horses now and love it my fathers name was jerry rowden i cant spell his middle name we go so far back in family history its not funny i can tell you how ever were the name rowden came from we were given the name bye some settalers long ago they found a baby on side of road and all the adults and other children were killed so they picked up the baby and named it roadend which became rowden later on so you know if you wanst a bit of history just ask me ill look up and give it to you ok its so nice meeting you all love you all so much but i got one ? is there any other deaf poeple in the rowden family besides me
Jessica Rowden   12/05/2011 11:39 commerce, michigan, usa.
I love the surname Rowden! There's about 40 Rowden's in Michigan and we all go by the nick name Rowdy Rowden:P Love it!
Douglas Rowden   08/05/2011 20:02 Wichita, Kansas, USA.
My name is Douglas Allen Rowden, my father's name was Raymond Marion Rowden, and my grandfather's name was Archie Lee Rowden.
Donna Rowden   24/04/2011 21:56 Watkinsville, Oconee , USA.
My father was Daniel E. Rowden, his father was William Dilmus Rowden and his father was William David Rowden. Does anybody know who his father was and where did they come from.
Ralph Bennett   29/03/2011 20:53 Irving, New York, USA.
Does anyone know of a Cyrus Bennett,married to Martha, no last name. On Ralph Edwards death certificate it just had Martha as mother. Lived in St Catherines. Ralph Edward Bennett was born February 14, 1902 in St Catherines. He was my father, but I can't seem to find out any info. He passed away in 1969 in Buffalo, NY. I can not find out any immigration info.
Doreen Quibodeaux   14/03/2011 02:17 Houston, Texas, USA.
I am looking for my High School friend and childhood neighbor Kirk Rowden. He lived in Lighthouse Point and graduated from Deerfield High School in 1977.
Harry Lee Rowden   25/01/2011 06:07 , Virginia, United States.
Hi looking for information the Rowdens from East Tennessee (Athens) believed to have descended from John Rowden and Sarah Echols in 1700's in VA.
Troy Dewayne Rowden   14/01/2011 06:56 Tyler,Texas, Smith county, u.s.a.
just posted my name for the father was Troy Edd Rowden 4-12-35 to 2-20-2010
joshua samuel rowden   25/12/2010 11:46 medford, oregon, usa.
looking for any info on my grandpa he went back for a second tour in nam and died cause my grandma juanita last name now guches deceived him so the rumors say i just want info on the applegat and rouche rowdens in jackson county medford oregon thank you. brothers are john w rowden and harvy i was told that jamess real last name was zash does anyone know please
Terry Rowden   30/10/2010 22:47 Willcox, Arizona, U.S.
I am looking for descendents of Joseph M. Rowden. He was born abt 1872 in Missouri to William W. Rowden and Margaret Louisa Lawson. His siblings were Rosa J., James H., Johnny, Sarah L., George L., Malinda C., and Harvey L. Rowden. Any information on any of them is appreciated.
midge smithburg   25/10/2010 05:26 Pipersville, PA, usa.
I am from the BOW II Rowden family. I have information to add to my family.
D Smith   03/09/2010 05:23 Springfield, Illinois, USA.
My grandmother, Eva Rowden Smith and grandfather Frank C Smith lived in the Loami, Sangamon County, Illinois, USA area. They had five living children that I know of LaRue (Uncle Bud), Paul, Hazel G (Aunt Sis), June and my father, Frank Smith. Dad's twin brother died at birth. As I know very little about my Grandmother Rowden's family, I am hoping someone in the Sangamon County area can help me.
carl rowden   30/06/2010 22:19 olalla, wa, United States. message
Carl Rowden   30/06/2010 17:25 olalla, `washington, usa.
Still searching for grandfather charles william rowden sr last we heard he was with a german lady and possibally had several children who may not haveknown he had other children he had a brother my mom said his name was chester/clariance or similiar to that my dad did not see him since he was a teenager. He was in the air force, elsie kenney was my grandmas name. Mom has tried to get this information for all her kids for several years she recently passed away. Its very possible my dad was never mentioned to his family mom says he might not have even went by sr anyting rings a bell let me family traits nose bleeds and dark circles under the eyes lol never know might help
gleason   08/06/2010 23:29 evergreen, colorado, usa.
I have a watercolour entitled An English Church (Norman) done by Mary Rowden c. 1858. It was found in a teashop by the name of The House of Windsor in Lakewood Colorado. The Consignment shop was Sloane Pictures, Ltd., which handles English watercolours. Does anyone know Mary, or have any information about her work?
De Lana Gray   22/05/2010 21:24 Longview, Texas, United States.
I am trying desperately to find my cousin, Gerald Lee Rowden. His father was W.L. Rowden and his mother was Dovie Odell Rowden. I think he may live somewhere aroung Bridgeport or North Richland Hills in Texas. His wife, Arlene Kuykendall Rowden, passed away in 2000. Gerald has 4 children, Lee Ann Rowden Marshall, Brad Allen Rowden, Brant Rowden and Brandon Lee Rowden. I have not seen or talked with Gerald in more than 20 years, I would so love to find him and talk with him. If anyone has any info, I would be so grateful. The above information I obtain in my search was from his wife's obit. I have tried everything else. Help!!!!!!!
Mike   27/04/2010 14:12 Oceana, Michigan, United States.
My wife's great grandfather is William Job Rowden. His parents were Daniel Rowden (1814-1882) and Mary Ann (Dredge) Rowden (1813-1858). What we do not know are the names of Daniel's parents. We know that Daniel's grandparents were Joseph Rowden (1752-) and Mary (Betton) Rowden (1754-1852), we just don't know the names of Daniel's parents. All of these people were from Alderbury, Whiltshire, England. We would appreciate any help, anyone can give us. Thank you.
shirley   26/02/2010 16:35 Houston, TX, USA.
Would like to make contact with African American (and other) Rowtons/Rowdens who have roots in SW Arkansas. Most of our early ancestors were in Columbia, Nevada and Ouachita Counties. Contact me at
Sean Woods   21/02/2010 23:21 USA.
Cool Site !
Travis Lee Rowden   02/02/2010 23:09 Orting, Washington, United States.
Joy Kelly Rowden wrote a message on this board ten years ago. She has just recently passed away from Cancer. Rest in peace grandma. I'll miss you.
Travis rowden   18/01/2010 08:38 Orting, Washington, United States.
I am Travis Lee Rowden, Son of Jackie Lee Rowden and Richard Gene Rowden. I am 18 years old.
Mark Sanders Rowden   17/01/2010 17:55 Jacksonville , Florida, USA.
Originally from Atlanta. My Father was Estil Sanders Rowden and died in 1969, My Mother was Cecelia Elizabeth Spangler from Pennsylvania. My grandfather was Thomas Elisia Rowden and his wife was Estell Sanders. Don't know much else as I was 9 when he died and we didn't keep intouch with the Rowden side of the Family. I believe they were from Ellenwood Ga anyway I always thought it was east of Atlanta. My sisters are Sandra Rowden Miles and Jane Rowden Nelms
perry allen rowden   17/01/2010 06:01 pale springs , ca, us.
my name is perry allen rowden my father was allen leon rowden my grand father was cecil rowden
Ron Rowden   29/12/2009 22:26 Chandler, Arizona, USA. message
Randy Rowden   22/12/2009 15:43 Marshfield, Webster, MO. , usa.
This is GREAT, been looking for a site like this for awhile, my Grandfather was James Hodart Rowden, Grandmother name was Essie Louise Stokes, Great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Rowden, his wife my great grandmother was Amanda Edwards all of whom seen to have lived in or around Webster Co. ,Mo. Thomas Jefferson Rowden Father was Joseph Rowden from Roane (roam) co., Tn. any help would be greatly appreciated,Thx's
dewey a rowden   07/12/2009 06:31 springfield, illinois, usa.
im the son of james rowden sr. im 59, and a supervisor for a tranportation company....
Brian Rowden   10/09/2009 05:43 Temecula, ca, United States.
this is cool
Steve Green   18/01/2009 23:38 Columbus, GA, USA.
Recently discovered my birthmother's name is Deloris Rowden, have one sister named Eva Marie at birth, she was also adopted. My name at birth was Kenneth Gene Rowden, I was adopted in Hutchinson, Kansas. I was born in Joplin, Missouri. Any information would be appreciated.
Willard Emery May   15/01/2009 05:29 Eastman, Georgia, USA.
My Graddmother's name was Cora Elizabeth Rowden she was born on 7/4/1874 and I do not know where,she married my Grandfather Freeman Truman Richard Emery May on 1/7/1892 in Meta, Missouri,USA. I need to know any information in regards to her Family,such as her Father,Mother,Brothers or Sisters Ect.
Linda (Southwell) Stone   04/01/2009 08:01 Pentwater, Michigan, USA.
I am Linda (Southwell) Stone. My father was Richard Southwell. His mother was Pearl (Rowden) Southwell. Her parents were William Job and Ellen (Collins) Rowden. They came from Canada and lived in Lapeer, Michigan. We have some family history and pictures and are willing to share information.
Louis Samuel   01/12/2008 16:25 Farmington, Michigan, USA.
Seeking any imformation concerning a Frances Rowden born in Waldo,Arkansas. Thanks!
Shirley (Rowden) Schooling   16/10/2008 02:07 Springfield, Missouri, USA.
I just found this web site. I didn,t realize there are so many Rowdens in Canada. My Fathers Name was Charles Frances Rowden, he married Dorothy Robertson. They had six children they were as by pecking order.Patrick Frances Rowden, Jerry Lee, Shirley Jean, Diana Louise, Sharon Sue, and Tina Marie.My Grandfathers name was Frances Patrick and he married my grandmother whos name was Pearl.
Jodi A Rowden   21/09/2008 13:37 KNOXVILLE,, TN, AMERICA.
Hey ! How is everyone? All you ROWDEN/S AND ROWDEN seekers out there!!! lol ~ anybody want to chit~chat? e-mail me.~Jodi Thanx
pete petruk   11/06/2008 14:54 watervliet, berrien, mi, USA.
my name is Pete Petruk,I am the commander of the American Legion Post 362 in Coloma Mich. A person came to the post with some medals he found in a house he was remodeling in Benton Harbor Mich,, they were a WW II Victory medal with many battle bars from europe and a purple heart medal with the name George W. Rowden engraved on the back.. Im trying to find next of kin to pass them on.. can anyone out there help me honor this veteran
Dawna (Rowden) Patterson   18/02/2008 07:10 Bedford, Ohio, usa.
I am still looking for any information on my grandfather Charles William Rowden Sr.I know he had a much younger German wife,he was retired from the Air force and had several children.I would love to know about my dads side of the family and would love to know my uncles and aunts on the Rowden side.Last that we knew of him he lived in the Los Angeles area
Sherri Stamps ( Rowden )   25/01/2008 16:48 Oklahoma City, OK, Ok.
I am looking for ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about Chester Allen Rowden from the Stillwater, Ok area. Please email me. :)
David Rowden   16/01/2008 04:34 Vancouver, Washington, US.
I've post once before. I was just wondering, My father's name was James Newell Rowden ( pass away 1998). His parents name's are, Newell Franklin Rowden (passed on in 1980) and Berniece Rowden(still living) in Mountain Home Arkansas. If you have any info.........
Barbara Rowdon   05/01/2008 05:32 Seattle, WA, USA.
Thank you so much for all the information on the Rowdon name. I am the grand-daughter of Thomas Ernest Rowdon (born 1910) and great grand-daughter of Frank Elmer. I moved to Seattle 2 years ago but am originally from Philadelpia, PA. If I can help update information please let me know. I did notice that a few of my cousins are not on the Bow II tree.
Thomas Nairn Whyte   25/09/2007 19:38 Naperville, IL, USA.
I just found out that I am a descendant of Agnes Rowden and Alexander Nairn.
Paul Rowden   01/09/2007 17:59 Seattle, Washington, USA.
The best , and only useful, site on the net for information about our ancestors. My Mom is visiting friends in England this month and she's heading down to Devon to see some of these places. Thanks for the resource.
William Vorhies   28/08/2007 00:33 Westlake Village, California, USA.
My mother was Grace Meredith Rowden, b. 1919.
Barry Rowden   24/08/2007 00:09 Norcross, Georgia, USA. message
Diane Thurmond   13/08/2007 03:08 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
My grandmother was Lola Ethel Wilson Rowden, born in Oklanhoma Indian Territory, her husband was James Arthur Rowden. Looking for more
Janet Smith Post   29/07/2007 19:25 Galena, , Illinois, USA.
My Grandmother was born in Missouri and named Eva Rowden. Her father, Mac Albert Rowden is the descendant of John Rowden, born 1838 in Virginia, and died 16 April 1817 in Roane County, Tennessee. Our thread comes to an end with John, and we, of course, wish we knew his father.
lisa rowden   15/07/2007 10:06 port orchard, washington, usa. message
Samantha Leilani Rowden   09/04/2007 03:02 Salt Lake City , UT, US.
Just checking out my family name.
Clifton Rowden   06/04/2007 06:21 Carpentersville, IL, USA. message
Kori Rowden   18/03/2007 22:09 Flagstaff, coconino/AZ, usa.
Hey! I'm pretty sure my dad posted on this site! Jeff Rowden "memphis Tn" we moved to memphis in 1998 haha, that's kinda cool. So is this site by the way. thanks for putting together all the information.
Kori Rowden   18/03/2007 21:54 Flagstaff , Coconino/AZ, USA.
Just checking out my last name ;P
Diane Akerman   09/02/2007 03:52 Dallas, Texas, USA.
My great grandmother was Cordie Rowden, born 1880 in Texas.
Reta Rowden Slaybaugh   03/02/2007 18:24 Walla Walla, Washinton, USA. message
James Rowden   28/01/2007 22:35 Downers Grove, IL, USA. message
Charles Allen Chip Rowden   21/01/2007 18:08 Evanston, Wyoming, USA. message
Jean Mansfield   17/01/2007 18:52 Nashua, New Hampshire, United States.
My mother's maiden name is Rowden and I was just curious about it as I research our family tree.
Janet Post   30/12/2006 18:41 Galena, Illinois, U.S.A.
My grandmother was a Rowden. I have followed my genealogy back to John Rowden born 1700, and died in the Atlantic Ocean in a shipwreck. He was a member of the British Merchant Marines. How can I locate him in England? I believe his son, John Rowden Jr. was born in Kent in 1737. He then brought his family to Virginia. Are there Marine logs that would contain information about the shipwreck, or at least about John Rowden Sr. participation in the the Merchant Marines?
Joel Rowden   18/12/2006 20:17 Kalamazoo, MI, US.
Janet Smith Post   05/12/2006 20:02 USA.
My great, great, grandfather was Elisha E. Rowden, and is directly related to John Rowden, born 1700, from Kent, England. John was a sea captain and married a woman surnamed Johnson. Together they had a son, John Rowden (about 1730. I would appreciate information.
Harold Lee Rowden   30/11/2006 04:00 Glendora, California, USA.
Ansesters came from Wiltshire, England
Thomas M. Rowden   30/11/2006 02:42 Pontiac, Michigan, USA.
would like to know my history Fathers name Clyde, his dad, Ernest, his dad, John
william d rowden   11/11/2006 21:09 spokane, wa, usa.
family crest
Curtiss Jay Rowden   03/11/2006 06:43 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. message
David Rowden   24/10/2006 16:20 Lowell, Arkansas, USA.
Just surfing and found your site, thanks for the background information
Sarah Ann Rowden   16/10/2006 00:39 Abilene, Texas, USA.
Hi Jeremy Rowden! Im from west Texas. I have lots of Rowden relatives from west Texas. My grandfather Hubert Rowden lives in Big Srings Tx, my dad Phillip Rowden also lives there. I also have several aunts and uncles who live in various parts of Texas.
brandon rowden   06/10/2006 16:40 marysvill, california, usa.
my name is brandon, i have been trying to find dads dad last name was rowden.he died when my dad was 14 years of age.i am now 15 years of age, and know no histroy of my familys past.if u are kind enough, iwowld like to talk to some one with the same last name.thank u.
William George Rowden Jr.   06/10/2006 03:11 Three Lakes, Wisconsin, USA.
I am trying to contact Gavin Rowden, he called about two weeks ago and left a message. Somehow it got deleted and I would like to contact him.
Harold Lee Rowden   04/10/2006 19:16 Glendora, California, USA.
My great Grandfather John Rowden was born in Wiltshire,
Hazel J. Kimbrell   11/08/2006 11:32 Georgia, America.
I am researching my Rowden line and I connect with Hubbard Allen
Alicia Picchiani-Hall   30/07/2006 22:00 Houston, TX, USA.
My grandmother was Peggy Rowden married to Mario Sarzi-Braga. Thank you for all the info about my family!
James D Rowden   22/07/2006 18:03 Overland Park, KS, USA.
sally rowden   18/07/2006 16:22 olathe, kansas, usa.
Thank you for the information. I found it helpful.
Liberty Harkey (Rowden)   30/06/2006 17:01 Prineville, OR, USA.
Great site! 5 Rowden live here!
Dawna (Rowden) Patterson   15/05/2006 06:29 Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Still looking for family.My grandfather was Charles William Rowden sr and dad was Charles W Rowden Jr.My Grandmother was Elsie Kenney.I know grandfather was in the airforce and married a much younger German Woman and they had children that would be around my age (52) and had lived in the Los Angeles area.This is really I know about my grandfather and would love to know more.Thank you
Dorothy Rowden McCammon   11/04/2006 20:36 Wichita, Sedgwick KS, USA.
I am a descendent of John Rowden and Sarah Echols; however I am still trying to locate where my ancestors lived in England.
Delma K. Rowden   31/03/2006 09:26 fairbanks , alaska, USA.
look for family history
Patricia Anne Rowden   07/02/2006 02:43 banning, California, United Siates.
heeeeey Rowdens I want to keep you updated on my e-mail address, which has changed to in hopes of hearing from you.
Vickie (Rowden) Patterson   10/01/2006 16:40 Inman, KS, USA. message
Janet Garthwaite Struss   01/01/2006 13:13 Fennimore, WI, USA.
My great-great grandfather was William P. Rowdon of Wisconsin. My great-grandfather was John Rowdon (Sept. 11, 1864-Nov. 14, 1936) from the Lancaster and Fennimore, WI, area. He married Lillie Cora Tuckwood and had five children: Mabel (Mrs. Harry Garthwaite)(my grandmother who is deceased), William Thomas Rowdon (died at age 17), Glen Rowdon of Fennimore, WI (now deceased), Arnold Rowdon (died in infancy), and Maurice Rowdon of Amite, LA (now deceased). My grandmother, Mabel Rowdon Garthwaite, and my grandfather, Harry Lee Garthwaite, had two children, Chester Allen Garthwaite (now deceased), and Ivanelle Garthwaite Manning of Kansas (still living). My father, Chester Allen Garthwaite, married Eugenia Mary DeWitt from Platteville, WI, and farmed for many years in Mt. Hope, WI. They had nine children: David Eugene, Paul Lee, Janet Lynn (me), Susan Marie, Betty Jo, Margaret Louise, Carol Ann, Judith Norene, and Nancy Lea. If anyone has further interest in this Rowdon connection, I hope I can supply some answers.
Michelle Rowden   30/11/2005 04:37 Newaygo, MI, USA.
I'm Michelle Rowden my father is Frank Ray Rowden, grand parents were Ray and Dorothy Rowden from Michigan, but I have an uncle in california Don Rowden and a aunt in Colorado Tammy Rowden now Kellog
Kristoffer P. Rowden   19/11/2005 14:11 Tillamook, Oregon, usa.
I am just trying to locate family that may have live in Missiouri. I never really knew my mothers father's side. I do know some where out there I do have some aunts and uncles out there. If there is anyone who might know please email.
Susan Beth Wooliver-Rowden   11/11/2005 23:56 Springfield, Missouri, USA.
Hello my name is Susan Beth Wooliver-Rowden My dad's name is Jerry Dewayne Rowden, my grandfathers name is Jerry Lee Rowden, my great grandfathers name is CHARLES FRANCIS ROWDEN, my great great grandpa's name is Francis Patrick Rowden. i don't know much about our family history so if you could help let me know i have a brother Steven Rowden and a sister Angela Rowden thanks
Robert D Rowden   30/10/2005 22:46 Iowa City, Iowa, USA.
My grandfather was Willie Washington Rowden from Houston Missouri (I think). Do you have any connection to him?
Kelsey Rowden   30/09/2005 22:41 Locust Grove, Oklahoma, United States.
I am Kelsey rowden and i was ust looking for my realitives and thought it was real cool to find aweb site bout my last name!!!!!!!
Kelsey Rowden   30/09/2005 22:08 Locust Grove, Oklahoma, United States.
I am 12 yaers old and I am searching out hte Rowdens with my grnadpa John Rowden.
Cindy Rowden (Jadid)   27/09/2005 05:24 Vancouver,, Washington, USA.
My madian is Rowden. My dad's name was Zedok Houston Rowden. His dad's name was Zedok Houston Rowden Sr. My dad's brother was Vernon Derwood Rowden. (All of them are now dead). I have one sister who lives in Dallas Texas named Susan Rowden. My dad's sister's name is Ann Flynn (Rowden). My Uncle had 2 sons, Mike Rowden and Jerry Rowden and 2 daughters, Donna Rowden and Debbie Rowden. I am origianlly from Tyler, Texas. My dad's mother's name was Gladys Rowden. I think that they came from the Carthage, Texas area. Nice to see a web site for the Rowdens. Cindy
Dave Goodbread   19/09/2005 20:24 augusta, ga, .
Looking for brothers Gary and Jimmy Rowden. Lived on Ft. Bliss back in early 60's. I believe they moved to Hunstville, Tx. thanks
Rachael and Carl Rowden   15/09/2005 02:41 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
Hi all you fellow Rowdens! I just noticed there is another Rachael Rowden in New York spelled the same way as mine. What a small world as normally Rachael is spelled Rachel. I wasn't born a Rowden, but became a Rowden by marriage. We also have an Emily and Brandon Rowden in our family. Would love to hear from anyone!
Wanda Rowden   14/09/2005 18:22 st louis, mo, 63118.
i am looking for the history of our family
Jody Henderly Daniels   09/09/2005 19:51 Canal Winchester, Ohio, USA.
Trying to locate Kirk Rowdon/Rowden who lived in the Boca Raton, FL area during 1981/1982 and worked at Burdines in Pompano Beach. Diane Donaldson and I want to get in touch with him. Father's name is Norm and mother's name is Hope. I think he also had a sister named Faith. Please e-mail me if anyone has any information.
Donnie Guthrie   09/09/2005 04:11 Philadelphia, pa, usa.
I am doing some research on my mothers side of the family... Her father's name was John Roger Rouden and his fathers name was John Thomas Rouden....but here is the thing... she told me that someone down the line changed the last name to Rowden. We know that John Roger Rouden was born in Freeport FL. but have no clue about his father and any further down the line. Please help my mom and I. thanks so much! anything would help.
Lesley Slepner   03/09/2005 23:57 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA.
Gavin, I am sending an update for the Rowdon family in Bow II. My mother, Sarah Jean Kasley Rowdon, wife of Thomas Ernest Rowdon passed away in Oct of 2004. We miss her a great deal. Thank you again for your labor of love in maintaining the web site. Lesley J. Rowdon Slepner
desiree payne   02/09/2005 18:50 Knoxville, TN, knox.
My ex name is Rowden. This is also the name of our daughter, emily rowden. For our daughter I am looking for any Rowdens that are related to dexter or hershall rowden. if you have any info please let me know.
Julia A Rowden   11/08/2005 19:15 Troy, Montana, USA.
Hi I am trying to find an Orville Rowden who resided in Medford Oregon most of his life he was married to a Delma Lyons they had two children Jean,and Jerry.I think his father may be John Thomas Rowden 1871-1940 but I have no verification,if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very helpfull.
Julia Rowden   09/08/2005 06:23 Troy, Lincoln/ Montana, usa.
Trying to find the parents of Orville Albert Rowden, he lived in Medford Oregon for most of his life, he was married to Delma Florence Katherine Lyons, they had two children Jerry and Jean.He worked in the lumber mills most of his life, he also helped build the lodge at Crater Lake in Oregon,any information will be greatly helpful. Thanks
Kim Maciel-Rowden   06/08/2005 22:23 Bend, Oregon, USA.
Any Rowden's in the states?
Rev. Pat Rowden   23/07/2005 10:55 Wills Point, Texas, USA.
Ancestors moved from Paint Rock,Alabama to Wills Point,Texas after American civil war. Any info would be appreciated.
Frances C. Mason   08/07/2005 03:36 Dallas, Texas, USA.
Descended from Rowdens in Roane Co. Tn., to Missouri
Kristi Evans   06/07/2005 17:38 Covington, Louisiana, USA.
I am looking for Chris Roden. He lives in Louisiana. I think around the New Orleans area now. He used to live in Covington, La when he was a teenager. He is around 23-25 years old now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, ~Kristi
Nan Jones   25/06/2005 17:51 Bellevue, Michigan, US.
Looking for information on a James S. Rowden, born in England about 1844; married on September 6, 1862 in St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Troy, NY to a Hannah (Black) Hurley. Lived in Barry County, Michigan and had sons, James S., Fred, and George
Charles Isaac Rowden   17/06/2005 21:58 Huntsville, Alabama, USA.
My father was Ellis Powell Rowden (born 1906 in Tenessee) married Alta Vidella Wilson (born about 1909). There were 3 kids; Paul Price (1932),Charles Isaac (1934) and Annette (1938). My grandfather was Frederick Rowden who married Bessie Clark. They had 9 children. Fred also married Nellie Johnson and they had 4 children. Would like to correspond with anyone with knowledge of either Clarks or Rowdens in this line.
John   16/05/2005 08:25 Houston, Texas, USA. message
Micah Rowden   21/04/2005 23:39 San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Checking for Rowdens in texas. Grand father was Richard A. Rowden, Father, David Rowden. Shoot me a message.
Linda Lee   16/04/2005 03:20 Sunnyvale, Cali, USA.
Hi! MY grandpa is a Rodan. He is from Spain and Fiji. Well nice to see other Rodans
Blaze Lawhead   07/04/2005 05:47 Mtn.Home, Arkansas, USA.
Hello my name is Blaze D. Lawhead. I am the Great grandson of Newell Rowden. Though I do not share the same last name I am of the Rowden blood line. The Rowdens are great and many. Seeing that the Rowdens of today have the ambition to find their relitives gives me great pride.
melissa rowden   06/04/2005 17:20 Whitstable, .
Hi this is mel from England it is amazing that there are so many Rowdens in America. is any one related to Cybert Rowden, He is my Great Great Great Grandfather. hope to hear from any one soon. thanx mel
Jennifer Lynn Rowden   16/02/2005 02:44 Brandon, VT, USA.
Just curious about other Rowdens.
Roy Rowden, Jr.   16/01/2005 20:04 Exeter, Mo., Barry.
Interested in my family history. father's name Roy Rowden,Sr. Grandfather Russell Rowden. All three generations lived in Missouri.
Ashley Rowden   15/01/2005 22:29 Duncanville, TX, .
it's pretty cool that there's another Ashley Rowden from TX. My grandparents are Terry and Sarah Rowden--anybody know 'em?
stacy   15/01/2005 02:04 aurora, mo, united states.
i am looking for where my descents are from and i am interested in any living relatives also
Ramona (Rowden) Rodriguez   03/01/2005 15:18 Belleville, IL, USA.
I have just discovered this great website today and can't believe how many Rowdens are out there. I've been researching my Rowden family tree for 5 years and see on this guest book that there are many from my descendents doing the same. I come from Captain John, John, Abrahm Echols, William Echols, Hardin Joseph, Miles Franklin, Clarence,James Franklin, Ralph (my father).
Jodi Rowden   23/12/2004 06:37 Tennessee, America.
Hi ! Jodi Christina! I am surprized to find out that you and I have something in common,& that is Poetry! (lol)Not to mention, we both have the same 1st and last name.
Jodi   23/12/2004 06:18 knoxville, tennessee, America.
Hi ! I haven't been in here in awhile. Just looking for my people, if you know any NEILSONs OR CLARKs OR ROWDENs IN ALABAMA or any DOTSONs ,ISOMs ,GEORGEs in Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky ....Just let me know and we can compare notes on our kin folks.Thanx!
LARRY ROWDEN   14/12/2004 14:59 LUBBOCK, TEXAS, USA. message
Sharon Rowden Dunlap   11/09/2004 04:58 Inman, KS , USA.
Daughter of Leslie G Rowden of Picher, OK
Vickie (Rowden) Patterson   11/09/2004 03:54 Pineville, MO, usa. message
Julie Rowden   10/09/2004 20:20 Springfield, IL, UNited States.
I married a Rowden. My father-in-law has an Association called the International Rowden Family Association and he held some reunions back in the 80's and 90's. Our branch of the family came from Yorkshire and the family crest has a rooster atop it. Do you know anything about these Rowdens that you could share with us?
Diane B. Rowden   04/09/2004 22:24 Brooksville, fl, USA.
Hello from FLorida where we are waiting for Hurricane Frances to pass over the entire state.
wayne frederick couch   20/08/2004 01:17 newport news, VA, USA.
My name is wayne couch, and my grandmothers maiden name was Rowden. My Uncle, Wilfred Couch, has done quite a bit of geneology onour famil, and pointed me to this website. I am getting married in a couple of weeks, and are planning on visiting Euorpe next year and would like to see where my family is from. I attached my Uncles e-mail below. "You asked about ancestral England: The Couch family goes back a long way in Cornwall centered in and around Camelford on the Camel River... a legendary home of King Author ... there is a "slaughter bridge" at the alleged site of Author's battle with Modred. Tintagel the location of the castle is near by. The ruins are still there and can be toured. Your ggrandmother's family, the Tinneys were from Tintagel. Paula and I stay across the bay in Port Isaac when we were there 4 years ago. (Don't know if I ever told you - I had my 75th birthday dinner in the Eiffel Tower - I have a e-mail corespondent that we visited with Thomas John Couch(same name as your great grandfather) Tom and his wife Jo - you might email them and stop for tea. they live in Launceston ( remember the name is pronounced cooch not cowch). Remember if you rent a car you must drive on the left. Get an automatic shift because there is enough confusion with out having to shift with the wrong (right)hand. Cornwall has a great history really a heritage to be proud of, get a book and discover one of the oldest of the Celtic nations. It's history is much greater than the Scotch or the Irish. As far as your maternal grand mother's family the Rowdens refer to Let me know if you need more." I definitely like your website, and look forward to visiting it often. Wayne Couch
Wilfred Couch   11/08/2004 17:46 Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA.
Gavin I know you don't carry we second cousins anymore but thought I would update your data base anyhow. You website continues to far exceed any family site I have ever found.Thanks for continuing a great service.
Marcie   02/07/2004 16:06
Does anyone out there know of a JIM WILEY ROWDEN who knew LORRAINE BRUNET in the late 1940's, in the PA. area ??? Thanx
Julia A Rowden   17/06/2004 03:37 Troy, Montana, U.S.A.
I have been looking for information on Orville Albert Rowden,he was living in Oregon at the time of his death in the mid seventies.He was married to Delma Florence Katherine Lyon.He had two children they are Jerry Orville and Jean. Thanks Julia
Harold Rowden   15/06/2004 06:54 Glendora, California, United States.
My great grand father was John Rowden. Born Dec.5, 1840 in Wiltshire, England, his father was Daniel Rowden. Had 13 children with his wife Caroline Bath Rowden. Came to USA via Canada with his brother William Job Rowden and four of his 13 children. I have more names that remained in Wiltshire if interested in a connection to your family.
Harold Rowden   15/06/2004 05:58 Glendora, Los Angeles/ California, USA.
My Great Grand Father was John Rowden, born Wiltshire, England December 5,1840..Married Caroline Bath 1861 at The Parish Church in the Parish of Atherton Anger in the county of ( I believe) Wilts. Came to US via Canada with his brother William Job Rowden. William Job Rowden was born in Wiltshire 1846. There were 13 children born to John and Caroline. Must have many relatives in Wiltshire and other counties. Harold Rowden
Harold Rowden   15/06/2004 05:56 Glendora, Los Angeles/ California, USA.
My Great Grand Father was John Rowden, born Wiltshire, England December 5,1840..Married Caroline Bath 1861 at The Parish Church in the Parish of Atherton Anger in the county of ( I believe) Wilts. Came to US via Canada with his brother William Job Rowden. William Job Rowden was born in Wiltshire 1846. There were 13 children born to John and Caroline. Must many relatives in Wiltshire and other counties. Harold Rowden
Jason Rowden   29/05/2004 18:48 Reno, Nevada, USA.
I'm very happy that I found this site! I've been searching a long time for my roots, and I think this site is pointing me in the right direction.
Audrey Rowden   26/05/2004 03:47 Seal Beach, Ca, USA.
Looking for Rowdens in the Des Moines,Ia area. My Grandfather was Leo Clay Rowden he had several brothers (Donald, I cant recall the rest) and a sister. My great grandmother was born on July 29 (not exatly sure the year) and lived to be close to 100. Leo Rowden married Gladys Helen Joyner from North Carolina, they had 3 children: Leo Clay Jr, LeRoy Evans (my dad) and a daughter Francis Helen. My grandparents moved to California and eventually just my grandparents moved to Aberdeen Washington. Im intrested how many more relatives are out there!
Audrey Rowden   26/05/2004 02:40 Seal Beach , California, USA.
I'm amazed that there are so many Rowdens in Canada! My father was born in Iowa and most of the Rowdens are still over there. I would love to hear of anymore in America!
Angela Rowden-Smith   01/05/2004 18:13 Mountain Home, AR, USA.
There was someone who was looking for Newell Franklin Rowden. That is my grandfather. Please contact me.
Brett Rowdon   30/04/2004 22:45 newport beach, california , usa.
wow thats has taken you 25 years to find this site. but thats not that sad thing. no it isn't... its pretty sad though. the sad thing was that it took me at least 5 minutes to find this gay thing and i bet that we arn't even related that is the funniest thing i have ever herd. oh and another thing im not a gay rowdon like all u hicks
Judith Blessing nee Rowden   24/04/2004 02:00 Grove, Oklahoma, USA. message
Shelley (Rowden) Lockwood   11/04/2004 19:05 McHenry, McHenry, Illinois, USA.
I accidently stumbled across the Descendant Pedigree for William Rowden. I actually entered Irma Beltz to search the internet and the Pedigree site came up. After scrolling through the names of Rowden, I found my father, Thomas Orrin Rowden. Then I went to your website, how neat! I would like to note that Irma Beltz was not my mother, she was my grandmother on my mother's side. My mother was Irma (Calhoun) Rowden. My sister's are listed properly, however my sister Lynda spells her name Lynda (not Linda). Also, my name is spelled Shelley not Shelly. My dad lives in Tucson, Arizona and did some research years ago on our family history. I have this information and will dig it out to compare to the information you have. My dad would have loved this website, unfortunately he had Alzheimer's. My mother passed away on September 14, 2001 (I believe the stress of 9/11 killed her). I would love to add some pictures of my family to your website, if possible. Please let me know how I would go about doing this, along with making any corrections. Thank you for having this site. I have really enjoyed this. Take care and stay well, Shelley (Rowden) Lockwood
Jane Ellen Rowden   07/04/2004 01:19 Georgia, United States .
This is a neat site! I have never met another Rowden (that I wasn't related to). Who knew? There really are others!
Mark S. Rowden   04/04/2004 04:23 Meta, Missouri, U.S.A. message
natalie sanzone   21/03/2004 06:27 pasco, wash, usa. message
JODI   06/03/2004 16:56 KNOX,, TN, USA.
MY family link goes from Alabama,oHIO,KY,and all throughout Tn.IF anyone has anything to ask me / tell me,any additional information on the ROWDEN`s that I have mentioned,any other ROWDEN`s etc,feel free to E- MAIL ME......THANX!
JODI ROWDEN   06/03/2004 16:36 KNOXVILLE, TN, USA.
My name is Jodi Rowden,my grandmother`s name was Vera[Nelson][SHE WAS BORN]APRIL 12,1920.Her mother`s name was MARTHA ALICE ANN KILBORN[D.O.B.=11-17-1878]VERA`s father`s name was THOMAS H. NELSON.VERA married HERSHEL WADE ROWDEN[HE WAS BORN]APRIL 10,1911.HERSHEL`S mother`s name was BESSIE[CLARK]ROWDEN,his father`s name was FRED ROWDEN [STATE BORN IN] WESTPOINT,TN.
Ashley Rowden   05/03/2004 22:34 Longview, Texas, USA.
WOW! I have never met another Rowden!!! I am a 16-year-old from the North America, and I was searching something on my name and found a link to this site! I'd be oberly appreciative if you could contact me with some European history of our family (though I don't know if this means we are actually related...?). Thank you so much for your time! - Ashley Rowden
JODI ROWDEN   26/02/2004 10:41 KNOXVILLE, TN, USA.
Jesy Shepard   18/02/2004 20:25 Venice, Florida, usa.
To further what i wrote earlier, mainly the Rowden family i have started out in Virginia. My John Jr Rowden b. either 1735 or 1738(Kent, England) married Sara Echols who was from Virginia. John's father was also born in Kent, he was born about 1700. He was a sea captain. 1- Was a Captain in the British Merchant Marine, on a voyage to the colonies he brought his wife (last name of Johnson) and his young son John Jr. born about 1738. To make a home in Virginia with the intention of returning his ship was lost at sea in the Atlantic Ocean. From Virginia my direct line came north to Missouri where some of the family settled. My direct line continued onwards to Illinois, and from there finally settled in Iowa around 1880. Am looking of course for more information on John Sr and truly wish to find his family. I know he married Elizabeth Johnson who most likely was from the Kent area as well?
Jesy Shepard   18/02/2004 19:55 Venice, Florida, USA.
My Grandmother is a Rowden, her ancestors originated from Kent, other than that i know little of where he or his son was born, nor do i have his exact date of birth. I know he was born in about 1700. Given what we did know about him, about how old he was when coming to America and when he died at sea, we can only generalize the 1700. His name was John, so not easily looked for, especially with me an entire ocean away. But running across sites like yours helps to inspire me to look further, to search harder and to not give up! I so enjoyed your site, and i have yet to look at it all! Thank you for sharing with the world!
Kyle Rowden   29/01/2004 15:06 Hixson, TN, USA.
I had no clue that there were so many rowden's in Canada, hell yes. All of my kin come from the south, Alabama and Georgia. If you know of some Southern Rowdens send me an email.
Don Rowden   19/01/2004 08:35 Tampa, Florida, USA.
Hello Rowdens! My father is Donald Roy Rowden, born in Oklahoma and later from California. He's a retired Navy officer,75 years old and has been married to my mom, Ruth, for 49 years. My wife and I are avid frisbee golfers-it's fun! Great to see all these Rowdens-2001 Florida State Disc Golf Champion
Sue Rowdon   18/01/2004 03:39 Hartwood, Virginia, USA. message
Ron Rowden   13/01/2004 01:07 Edgerton, WI, USA.
I just found this sight and hope that I can find some relatives that may get me started on finding out where I came from. My father was Lloyd E. Rowden, son of Earnest Rowden of Pontiac, Mich. My mother is Katherine Rowden, daughter of Frank and Theresa Leonhardt.
Alycson michalowski nee Rowden   12/01/2004 20:33 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Father was Allen Leon Rowden Born in California.Grandfather John Cecil Rowden, I believe born in Oklahoma. I am told that the family had Cherokee roots in OK. Just trying to follow up on that connection. If anyone has any info, please Email me. Thank you.
tammy rowden   12/01/2004 08:01 san antonio, tx, usa.
i was born in knoxville, tn. but now live in texas.e-mail me any time.
Connie Rowden   23/11/2003 05:51 Republic,, Mo., usa.
I am very pleased to find out about our name...Thanks
John Amos Rowden   20/11/2003 01:11 neodesha, kansas, Kansas, U.S.A..
Born May 13, 1933 Skiatook, Oklahoma,Fathers name Allcy Amos Rowden
Andrew Rowden   08/11/2003 03:15 Tampa, Florida, US.
I am not sure where my descendents are from, my grandfather was Gilbert Rowden.
Michael D. & Julie A. Rowden   29/10/2003 23:31 Springfield, Illinois, United States.
We had always heard that our family was from the Yorkshire area of the UK, and that originally, the Rowdens' weren't from England, but rather were from the Germanic states. My father had traced the family back to 1066, the Battle of Hastings, when there were Rowdens' that rode in with William the Conquerer.
Michele Rowden   22/10/2003 21:55 Stillwater , Oklahoma, Payne.
My fathers name is Ronald Gene Rowden and is a twin to Donald Rowden, he has many sisters: Florence, Cathrine, Charlot, Louise and Leola Fee. brothers: Chester, Donnie, Benjermin jr. Their fathers name was Benjermin H. Rowden and his fater was William h. rowden. If anyone knows these people, please email me.
Michele Rowden   22/10/2003 19:21 Stillwater, Oklahoma, Payne.
I am interested in finding out my family geneology. Please let me know any more information you might have. Thank you, michele
Meranda Rowden   21/10/2003 17:47 Springfield, Ilinois, USA. message
Donald Smith   21/09/2003 15:38 Monroe, Utah, USA.
My wife is a Rowden descendant of Jersey County, Illinois; has some info on family.
Aaron Rowden   16/09/2003 06:27 Sacramento, CA, USA. message
Cliff Rowden   15/09/2003 16:40 Bay Village, Ohio, United States.
As a follow-up to my initial entry, my father had two sisters, Estelle and Vivian, and three brothers, Manzie (or MM), Clifford, and Quincy. I know that Quincy has been dead for over eighty years. All of the males were in WW1. My father was the youngest of the family. There were two step brothers living over 50 years ago in the Washington, DC area and they may have spelled their names as Rouden. Again, if anyone hav more details about the names, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Cliff
Clifford E. Rowden   14/09/2003 18:54 Bay Village, Ohio, United States.
Hi all, my father was born in Orlando, FL. in 1902. His name was Wyette. Any one know about him? Cliff
Cathryn Ann Rowdon   14/09/2003 03:53 Bayonet Point, Pasco County Florida, USA.
I am the daughter of Clarence McCullough Rowdon son of Sarah McCullough and Elmer Rowdon of Chester, Delaware, PA. I have just started tracing dad's family.
Phyllis N. Rowdon Meek   14/06/2003 07:39 Indianapolis Indiana USA
I am the granddaughter of Frank Elmer Rowdon, Sr. son of John Rowdon. I have been working on the family tree on this side of the ocean. Anyone who would like to see what I have accomplished can go to Hope to be hearing from family members.
Erin Rowden   04/06/2003 17:29 Tucson Pima/Arizona USA
Tara Rowden   04/06/2003 06:50 Orting Washington USA
Jodie Christine Rowden   27/05/2003 01:01 St. Petersburg Florida USA
I have grown up as a Rowden my whole life, but am only now getting to know this side of my family by beginning a relationship with my father. I know very little about who my family is and would really like to learn more. I know my father (Douglas K. Rowden)is from California, Los Angeles area, and I know that his father (name unknown) died about 20 years ago. That is all I know... if anyone has any knowlege that might help me out or any insight I would really appreciate contact! Thanks so much... I had no idea there were so many of us out there!
Sheila Williams-Fielder   23/05/2003 20:26 Roswell Georgia Fulton
Sue Rowdon   17/05/2003 00:32 Hartwood Virginia USA
Nicholas Rowden   16/05/2003 00:10 Seattle Washington USA
Great site. It was a strange feeling to finally learn the etymology of my last name. I always heard that it was probably German or French. My family even spent some years in England (Bury St. Edmunds) and we never knew how close we were to a town that bore our name. Crazy. Thanks again. I should probably add that my father, Juel Rowden, grew up in and around Jacksonville, Il in case anyone is checking for roots in the Midwest.
vance rowden   09/05/2003 14:03 crocker mo usa
my last name is rowden cool web site
thomas d. roudon   28/03/2003 22:12 fort worth tarrant,tx u. s. a.
im, proud to be a roudon this is the first time i found a site other than cabinet roudon french site ? glad your all here have a great day.
Rachael Rowden   18/03/2003 19:35 New York US
I am very scarce on any details of my heritage. I would love to learn more but really don't know much about any of it. I know that I have deceased relatives such as nona and erwin rowden but that's about it. And I was told that Rowden was English. If anyone would like to contact me I would greatly appreciate any detail at all. thanx.
Joan Roden Green   15/03/2003 15:47
I am searching for information on Ezekial Roden and Felix Grundy Roden. Their last name could be spelled any of the numerous Roden ways. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Very interesting website!
Alice Kiss nee Rodan   13/03/2003 18:24 Downey California USA
My maiden name is spelt Rodan and this is the closet site I got to getting info on my family. My great grandfather Francisco Rodan Capt of a pirate ship arrived in Fiji from Spain in the 1800's. My father's name is John Rodan and grandfather Lazaro Rodan. I have family in Fiji, and New Zealand where I have just moved from. Hope I get lucky from this site.
Jenniffer Rowden   11/03/2003 01:14 Santa Rosa California
I'm looking for relatives of Albert P. Rowden (1859-1936) California from Cass county, Missouri some time during the civil war. Family tales say that his father owned a horse ranch in Missouri and that a northern army came and took all of the horses. When his father joined up to fight the north,(and ended up dying in a northern prison,) Albert and the family packed up and came to California. --Or so the story goes-- If any one can help me find Albert's parents or siblings (I know of one named Jane) I'd much appreciate it.
Alana Rowden   08/03/2003 11:26 Easton Pa USA
Cheryl Martyn   24/02/2003 17:59 Delta British Columbia canada
I love your web-site - thanks for sharing! In the 1901 Census from Devon/Devonport(looks like "Keyham" ward) there is an Abraham Rowden,age 59;wife,Elizabeth,age 57,children,Ernest,George,and Herbert. Also Abraham's sister, Mary Martyn, widow age 71. I am interested in Mary as I think she may be the mother of William H. Martyn,born abt 1857 in Crediton,Devon. If I could find out more about her it may be the key to unlock my efforts to find my husband's ancestors. Thanks for any help offered!!Cheryl
Michele Rowden   21/02/2003 13:31 West Valley City Utah USA
Marianne Harris Vance   15/02/2003 00:23 Havertown PA USA
I am trying to locate one of my high school classmates, Betty Ann Eichelberger Brady. She is an RN and the last contact I had from her was several years ago and she was living in Tampa, FL. I would like to know how to find her now or have her contact me. I am a member of Classmates and have tried to contact her through that. To date, she has not sent an e-mail. Thank you very much. Marianne H. Vance(1963 Eastwood HS Syracuse, NY.)
Lois Warren   06/02/2003 20:32 Shelbyville Shelby/Kentucky USA
Just had a friend show me this site and enjoyed it very much, as I am the daughter of Winifred Joan Rowden that married Mason Warren Jr. Thank you, will past it on to my brother also
Thomas Rowdon   28/01/2003 18:46 Ridley Township Pennsylvania USA
I am trying to find my family roots, I know that my great grandfather was Frank Elmer Rowdon Sr. I do not know where the family name came from, or when and where we arrived in the United States. I also am looking for the link between the "Rowdens" and the "Rowdons". If anyone has any information I would greatly appricate it.
Delaina Rowden   17/01/2003 22:34 Canyon Texas USA
I was looking into my family history.
liberty harkey(Rowden)   24/12/2002 09:36 prineville or USA
Just curious
Joann   22/12/2002 17:47 Des Moines Iowa USA
Really enjoyed the site. Thank you.
Douglas A. Rowden   11/12/2002 15:05 Wichita Kansas USA
There are a few of us Rowdens in Kansas too!
Jeffrey Mark Rowden   26/11/2002 12:08 Tucson Az USA
What a remarkable site you have put together. I had no idea my heritage ran so deep. My mormon brother has traced our lineage to a James Rowden who immigrated to the U.S.about late 1700's. As far as notables my father J.R.Jake Rowden was a 2 time all american football player and coached major college football and was highly revered and respected by the many young men he coached over the many years. Great site ! Thank you
Brandon Matthew Punch Rowden   22/11/2002 17:39 Anderson Ca USA
Hello my name is brandon i didnt think there was that many rowdens well there is and i want to see if i am related to any of them i want to meet my day charley rowden i have never met him my mom left him before i was born i think he lives in missouri
Dorothy Rowden McCammon   21/11/2002 23:05 Wichita Ks USA
Great website: I am proud to be a Rowden. My Mother use to tell me that all Rowdens are related. I wonder if she even had an idea how many of us there are. I am just getting started on a genealogy study but have no records to go on. My father was Harley Rowden son of William D. Rowden step son of Arleigh R. Rowden all from the mining areas of Joplin,Mo. Picher, Ok. Ouapaw, Ok. I could really use some help. I don't think my family ever recorded any event except in a Bible which I do not have access to. Thanks for the website; thanks for any help I can get.
gloria (jean ruggerio) serido   16/10/2002 15:43 hillsborough nj usa
my maternal grandmother was Dorothy Rowden, married into the matthews family in England and came back to America with her husband, Wilbur Matthews. If you have more information on her, please contact me.
lisa rowden   18/09/2002 06:49 mebane nc usa
please respond if you are looking for rowdens that started in this country in the oklahoma or texas areas.
My family originated in Scotland and Ireland. My grandfather was Wroten and my grandmother was Crawford.
lisa rowden   17/09/2002 16:38 mebane nc usa
please respond if you are looking for Ok, Tx bases Rowdens.
Sharland (Shari) Huffaker   29/08/2002 15:02 Delafield Waukesha County, WI USA
I have been researching the SHARLAND family for many years & hiked into Sandford, Devon to find where my greatx3 grandmother, Sarah (nee Sharland) Rowden is buried. Her husband remarried & brought the 4 yr. old daughter, Emma Sharland Rowden to New York. Later they moved west to Lancaster, Wisconsin, where they are all now buried. Until I came across your Rowden website (which came up on under Sharland), I hadn't thought to research the Rowden connection. Samuel Rowden's decenden are still living in the Lancaster, WI area. I also have photos of Emma Sharland Rowden (Walker), and her daughter, Nellie Sharland Walker (Barnette)from the 1850's and onto 1934 when Nellie died. Sharland Huffaker
Kyle Rowden   23/08/2002 21:19 Chattanooga Tn USA
i am interested in learning more about the american Rowden's of my family line. the only Rowden's so far have been from Texas and the surrounding states
Jeff Rowden   31/07/2002 13:31 Pekin Illinois USA
I just happen to type in Rowden to see what I came up with. The information here was very interesting and exciting.
I am sending this to let you know about the reunion October 19 2002 at New Hope Baptist Church, at 1:00 pm for more information call Phil & Ruby Tench at 706-778-5215, Charlotte Tench Benfield at 706-947-1385..
Lois   22/07/2002 21:20 Gravois Mills Missouri USA
I am a descendant of Capt John Rowden, son John, son Joseph, son Hammadatha, son Jonathan Knox Polk, son Walter Lee, son Lloyd, son Francis (my dad). I was born and raised in Lebanon, Laclede County MO. This is a great site!
Curtis D. Rowden   09/07/2002 11:14 Metamora IL
I am the son of Curtis A. Rowden, grandson of Elmer Timothy Rowden, great-grandson of John Rowden. Our family hails mostly from Missouri in the U.S.A. I don't know that much about our geneology, but am interested in finding out more. I am using the email address from the church I pastor, but will change this as soon as our home remodeling is done so I can set up our computer.
Richard S Rowden   26/06/2002 06:04 Burlington Vermont USA
My Great Grandfather immigrated from Liverpool England to Quebec, Canada and my GrandFather immigrated to the US.
Thelma Jane Rowdon Volker   20/06/2002 17:14 Hobe Sound FL USA
Grand-daughter of Frank E. Rowdon, Phila., PA. Enjoyed your web site immensely. Through your various links, I was able to find 3 more generations to add to my "family tree".
paul henry rowden   18/06/2002 18:31 san diego california usa
Grandfather is Frank Elmer Rowdon of Philadelphia,PA
Edythe Marion Rowdon Pierson   16/06/2002 08:08 Pennington New Jersey USA
norman c. rowdon   15/06/2002 20:39 west palm beach palm beach county, fla. usa
Lesley J Rowdon Slepner   29/05/2002 10:18 Cherry Hill New Jersey United States
We know that my great grandfather, James Edward Rowdon and his wife, Eliza Squires Rowdon came to the US in the mid 1800's. We have some info to share from this side of the pond if you are interested. We are interestsed in records related to Chumleigh. Lesley
Diane Howden   09/05/2002 19:43 sacramento california usa
Hi, I am trying to research MARY ANN SAVANNAH ROUTON/ROWDEN, b on Indian Reservation in Indian Territory
Jackson Parker Rowden   08/05/2002 15:43 Spring Hill Florida US
I was born on April 26, 2002.
dewey a rowden   29/04/2002 18:47 loami illinois usa
as long as ive had my computer it never donned to me to look for other rowdens on the internet.......dewey
Scott T Rowden   19/04/2002 20:14 Brandon Vermont United States
Interestingly I had no idea there were this many Rowdens. It is great to see so many people whom I share a name. Maybe someday, I will meet one or two of you. I have been under the impression the name originated from a small clan in the hills of Scotland or England. There are not many Rowdens back in Vermont, only my family that I know of. I think at sometime an ancestor came down from Canada because of the lack of the surname in my area. However, on a boat from the UK is also possible. If anyone has any ideas for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Both of my grand parents (Scott Rowden, my father named me after him.) died while I was still very young, so I have not been able to gather much information. I do know that my father was born in New Hampshire, which is about it. Thanks!
Phillip Kirk Rowdon   16/04/2002 17:08 Philadelphia PA USA
Great website. I was originally born in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Looking for information and background information about my grandfather--Robert Moore Rowdon who lived in Philadelphia. He passed away in the 40's or 50's. He was married to Edith Mae Curfman. My grandmother did not even mark his grave. Where did he come from? Why did he settle in Philadelphia? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
Betty Younggren   07/04/2002 16:43 Hallock MN USA
I'm Looking for information on my great-great grandfather who lived in Dunville Quebec, his name:Schuyler Moore.
Gary Rowden   18/03/2002 15:39 Oregon City OR USA
Jane   06/01/2002 10:10 Oklahoma USA
Looking for info on Wilma Lorene Rowden (maiden name). She had a child in June, 1950 in Laclede county, MO and gave him up for adoption. If you have any info about her please let me know.
Kirk McVittie   25/12/2001 06:58 Farmingon MI US
Still looking!! ********************* Kirk McVittie Date: Jul 15, 1998 19:21 Address: Farmington MI US Email: I am currently on vacation and have, along with my 5 year old son, begun in earnest to track down my family roots. Today, at the Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit, MI, I located the grave of Lena Rowden (2/5/1873 - 3/16/1957), my paternal grandmothers mother. The Rowdens', I believe, still have a number of folks in the Lapeer, Michigan area. Would be greatly interested in contacting those of this branch of the family
Laura Burress   22/12/2001 06:42 Tacoma WA USA
Just stumbled across information that I'm related to Rowdens of Maries/Osage County, Missouri. I have a couple of generations but I'm looking for more info. I'm willing to share info with others on this branch. William Edward "Med" Rowden married Alpharetta Berry. They had seven children: Clarence Ovid, Minnie Ellen, William Claude, Nettie May, Almon Earl, Agnes Irene and Ralph. I know that the family lived next to Asa Rowden in Missouri. But I've not been able to prove a connection to Asa yet. If anyone else is researching this line/area please contact me. You Brits really have your act together when it comes to websites. I have a cousin on my mom's side (Garbett) who I've worked with and our www site is set up similar but not as extensive. Maybe I'll have to have Pete come check out this site for more ideas, especially when we start uploading our family tree. Cheers, Laura
Jan Marie Rowden   16/12/2001 17:01 Columbiaville Michigan U.S.A.
My fathers name is Orville Rowden,he had 3 children.Terry, Dan,and Jan.His father was Ernest Rowden he had 11 Children Eugene,Glen,Matthew,Edward,Floyd,loyd,Clarence,Orville,Ward,Dorthy,Clyde,his father was Edward,he had 3 children,Edward edwin,Ernest.his father was john who had 10 children,Arthur,Joesph,George,Jane,Caroline,Mary Anne,Edward,Albert,Walter,Wellington.
tim rowden   28/11/2001 12:51 wallawalla washington usa
it is intersting to see thare are so many moor rowden;s
Debbie Harvey Gedlinske   17/11/2001 22:49 Phoenix AZ
Looking for Lisa Kay Rowden. Birthday 09-24-58. Her dad is a retired USAF officier, retired around 1979 from Barksdale AFB, La and moved to Tx. She has sister's named Diana and Carol and a brother named Ted. I was a good friend of hers in high school but lost touch after I joined the military and moved away. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Debbie
Daniel Rowden   13/10/2001 17:00 Waterford Michigan USA
Peggy Smith Hake   04/09/2001 16:03 St. Elizabeth, MO U.S.
I have just found this great website on the Rowden families of America (and the world). I am a descendant of Nathaniel Rowden and his first wife, Nancy Crain. Nathaniel came to central Missouri in the 1840s and settled in the Miller/Maries counties area. Their daughter, Sarah Rowden-Lawson-Rowden, was my great, great, great grandmother.
Linda Marie (Rowden) Raynes   22/08/2001 17:24 Rayville Louisiana USA
Very impressive site! Enjoyed so much. My maiden name is Rowden. My father from Blanco and Muscogee Oklahoma area USA. His name: Ray Burton Rowden,my gmother: Alta Cordilia ( ? ) Rowden, gfather possibly Joseph Rowden. Their children:Alva Rowden, Joseph Rowden, Cecil Rowden, Earl Rowden, Ray Burton Rowden, Donald Roy Rowden, Alice Rowden, Helen Rowden. All deceased but:Alva in TulsaOklahoma,Donald in New Port Richey,Florida,Alice in ? California.So little information to go on. Any help would be so appreciated.Thanking you in advance.
M. Lorene Kelly   21/08/2001 18:34 Marlow Oklahoma Us
Thank you for providing this site ! I am searching for Rowden cousins. I would appreciate info for any of the following: Elta Rowden Morgan,d Lamar Co. Tx, Ruby Rowden Williams , Duncanville, Tx., Henry Calvin Morgan b Antlers, Ok.,Myrtle Lee Morgan. Are you a decendent of any of these people?
Lorene Kelly   15/08/2001 13:07 Marlow Ok Us
I am searching for information on my grandmother Maude Rowden, who died in childbirth in 1904 in Red River County, Avery, Tx. She had a brother Jesse Rowden who was a teacher in Paris, Tx. well into the 20th century. Thank you for providing this website.
Thomas Rowden   01/08/2001 20:05 Pontiac Michigan USA
Trying to find my roots, Grandfathers Name was Ernest E. Rowden, Great Grandfathers name was John ? Rowden he lived in Lapeer Michigan Took his first airplane ride at age 101 That is about all I really know about him.
David L. Rowden   20/07/2001 17:33 Hollywood California USA
Very interesting site. I'm originally from Ontario Canada and never realized there were so many Rowdens. Just wondering how Canada got bumped out of the Americas?
Father..Benjamin Rowden born Kansas\died in Arizona
Monica J Ash   13/07/2001 07:07 Columbus OH USA
Born in Tuscumbia MO. Descendant of Clifford Rowden.
Raydon Eiland Alexander-Rotan   19/06/2001 21:45 San Antonio Texas USA
Beautifully planned and executed, your site is one of the easiest genealogical venues to navigate that I have had the pleasure of visiting. Rotan is my mother's family (I don't really hyphenate my name!) most likely from the Wrotens of South Carolina and, like many sound-alikes in the Old South, is thought to wander back through Ezekiah Raughton/Rawton of Jamestown to the Dorset Roughtons, et al. Considering the volatile nature of early orthography, I suspect a Rowden or two has ended up in a Roughton tree and vice-versa. The Rowdens would certainly be welcome in mine! With every good wish, Raydon (a village in Essex,
Wesley Rowden   11/05/2001 02:06 OKC OK US
Just wanted to say that I"m happy to be a Rowden and not a darnell and thank you aunt Janice for putting up with me love you and happy mothers day
Frances C. Mason   02/05/2001 00:11 Kerrville Texas USA
Family information suggests that my husband, Charles H. Mason is descended from John Rowden who came to Virginia in the Colonies in the 1730's. Proof and further information is needed.
Louise Rowden Polson   29/04/2001 18:18 Royal Oak MI USA
This is my paternal great grandmother. She was married to John Miller Polson. They resided in Kingston, Jamaica where my grandmother, Marie Louise Read, was born. Any information out there would be greatly appreciated.
PATRICIA ROWDEN   08/04/2001 22:47 BANNING CA. U.S.A.
Melinda Rowden Dunham   04/04/2001 02:05 Mtn.Home Arkansas USA
I am looking for info.on my grandpa Newell Rowden.
Bruce Dayton   31/03/2001 09:02 Novi Michigan U.S.A.
My Grandfather was John Edward Rowden (Jan 1849-Oct 1946) was born in the British Empire. My mother had said that he might have been from Canada because she remembered taking trips to Canada as a child.
Nina M. Rowden   29/03/2001 23:02 Ethel Missouri USA
Just having fun learning about my heritage. Hi.
Fiona Rowden   13/03/2001 06:33 L.A California US
Hi it is nice to see so many people with the same name as me.
Jennifer and Jeremy Rowden   27/02/2001 21:58 Niagara Falls NY USA
Shirley Jean Rowden Schooling   16/02/2001 22:55 Springfield Missouri Green
You have done wonders for those of us looking for our history. My Dad was Charles Francis Rowden married Dorothy Robertson.They had six children. Dad had a brother named Willis and two sisters Mildred and Edith. My grandmothers name was Pearl, and my Grand fathers name was Francis Patrick Rowden. I believe they came from around Kentucky and Tenn. If any one has any info about granpa Rowden please E-Mail me. I have drew a blank. Thanks
Suzanne Rowden Clemons   13/02/2001 22:12 Huntsville Madison County, Alabama United States
It was good to read you information. My maiden name was Rowden and I am interested in knowing more about my father's family.
Carmen Perdue   06/02/2001 13:37 Salem Oregon Marion
Seeking information on my Great Grandfather 5th Generation Captain John Rowden Born Kent England Between 1700 and 1712 Died somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean,Any one reading this ,if this name sounds like one of your Ancestors I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank You
nicole rowden   31/01/2001 16:04 chicago illinois usa
David Rowden   30/01/2001 22:04 Plainfield Will, Illinois USA
I am just starting my research and came across your website. I am a black male the age of 34 years of age. Any information that may possibly help me further my research would be well appreciated. Especially slave owners named Rowden living in the US.
peggy rowden   30/01/2001 18:51 richland mo,65556 camden
I have been looking for some of my family chaley roos rowden he was grandpa and i would like to back a long ways to see were my family is from
David Rowden   22/01/2001 23:33 Vancouver Washington United States
Born in Kansas City, Kansas. In 1970 Most of my immediate relatives live in Arkansas.
kristoffer rowden   20/01/2001 12:46 st. peters mo. usa
I was raised in oregon and to see that there are so many rowdens out there after not nowing another rowden for so many years is just mind boggling. my mother is connie rowden who is the daughter of patricia and delmar eugene rowden. if you know of this branch of family i would love to hear from you. thank you kristoffer patrick rowden
Phil Southworth   08/12/2000 01:35 Glen Burnie MD USA
I was in Exeter in 1998 doing research and kept on running into strange time/date information re my ggrandfather. I finally figured out that there were 2 Thomas Eggbeers born in Ashburton. Devon in about 1840. They each also married an Elizabeth. I finally sorted it out to my Thomas being born in 1843 and married to Elizabeth Butchers of Woodland, Devon. Your Thomas was born in 1834 and married Elizabeth Satterly. It took some headscratching and scratch paper to sort it out. CHeers, Phil
Hi,Tammie Rowden McCrory, I am Douglas Wayne Rowden and I live in Lubbock, Texas. My uncles are (Alfred, Oscar,Eulis, and aunt Minnie). Cousin are Joe Henery Rowden, E S Rowden, C H Rowden and A D Rowden. Please E-Mail me at my e-mail address and I will give you my phone number I would like to talk to you about the other Rowden around here and other places. Thanks, Doug Rowden
sherri rowden   06/12/2000 21:15 oklahoma city ok usa
Hi, i just came across this site. I had no idea there was this many Rowden's. My fathers name is Chester A Rowden, and all i know about him is that he lives somewhere near Stillwater, Ok.
Rhonda R. Rowden Scoggins   10/11/2000 18:46 Pottsboro Texas United States
marland thomas rowden   19/10/2000 22:32 union missouri united states
very interesting page i never knew that there were so many rowdens
Jayna Michelle Rowden   16/10/2000 05:29 Murphysboro Jackson County, IL USA
Hi again. I've posted here before. I just came across some more Rowden information, and if any of you can help me find out more about my Rowden ancestors, I'd appreciate it. You see, I am one of three children of Gary Ray Rowden (b. 1948) and Suellyn McDowell Rowden. I am 22. Dad is 1 of 7 children born to Charlie Mack Rowden (b. 1917) and Amy Mildred Cripps Rowden. They are living in Murphysboro as well. Charlie Mack Rowden was born (and spent some childhood) in Roane County, Tennessee. His parents were James Shadrack Rowden and Annie Francis Palmer Rowden. This is where the tree ends for me. So, please, if anyone has more information about this line and James Shadrack Rowden's ancestors, please e-mail me! Thanks! :)
Theresa Ann Rowden Gomez   15/10/2000 02:23 San Antonio Texas USA
Hello! I had no idea the name Rowden was so common. I have been trying to find out the origin of this name i.e., whether it's English, German, Irish, etc. My maiden name is Rowden and I was raised in Boerne, Texas. My father was Berry Jefferson Rowden who was born and raised in the Llano/Marble Falls, Texas area in November of 1923 and he passed away in Boerne, Texas in 1970. His parents were Raymond Frank Rowden and Katie Haile Rowden. I'm not absolutely certain but I believe some of my family originally came from MO. This is a great site that I will bookmark and return to often. If anyone does know the origin of this name, I'd be interested to know...and if anyone cares to e-mail me with comments or more info, please feel free...Thanks
Reta Rowden Slaybaugh   29/09/2000 17:20 Walla Walla Washington usa
I am just starting to look up my family tree. My father was George Rowden son of george & Leffie Rowden.
Jayna Michelle Rowden   29/09/2000 04:29 Baton Rouge LA USA
Hi there. Just checking this cool site out again after a long time away. I wish I knew more about my branch of the Rowden family roots. I am originally from Southern Illinois, Jackson County in fact, and my father is Gary Rowden. His father is Charles Rowden, and Charles (Grandpa) has several brothers and sisters, including Cecil, Johnny and Margaret. I think that my grandpa's parents originally lived in Tennessee. Beyond that, I don't know too much about our history, but if there is anyone out there who can help, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would email me. I really don't know when we came to the United States, and where from exactly, although probably from England somewhere. Please let me know if you can be of some help to me as I trace my family tree.

I forgot to mention that my grandpa, Charles Rowden, was born Dec. 14, 1917, if that would help anyone out there who might know something about my branch of the Rowden tree. My dad was born in 1948 in Murphysboro, IL. Hope someone can help! :)

Wilfred Couch   19/09/2000 12:18 Lake Wylie South Carolina USA
David Rowden   15/09/2000 12:16 Lowell Arkansas usa
My Parents grew up in Kansas,USA
Richard A. Rowden   01/09/2000 22:18 Orange California U.S.A.
I lived in the London area for about two years ago from `1965 to 1967 and did some researchk on my name. I traced the family to Wiltshire, England. I found three graves in back of a church, and the oldest of them lived around 1780 or so.
Terry Lee Rowden   31/08/2000 13:04 Cutler Maine USA
I was born in Pontiac, Michigan in 1948. Orville Robert Rowden is my father, he is the son of Ernest and Hazel Rowden from Pontiac, Michigan.
Marcy O'Dell   20/08/2000 00:20 Ft Worth Tx USA
Have a friend here in Ft Worth, Texas who plays soccer with me whose name is Donald Rowden. If anyone needs info on this part of the Texas family, I can contact him for info. Having trouble with my own family history with no help, perhaps I can help someone else.
Diane (Rowden) Roberts   04/08/2000 18:56 Mountain Home Arkansas U.S.A.
I'm looking for my roots. My fathers name was Newell Franklin Rowden from Arkansas or southern Missouri. His parents was Joseph and Mary Rowden. Don't know much before that. Please let me know if you have any imformation about them.
Jennifer Rowden   16/05/2000 00:21 Plattsburgh NY USA
Joy Rowden   13/05/2000 02:52 Port Orchard Wash. USA
Would love to find my deceased husbands family as I have a great amount of Rowdens to add to it and very little information to find them. My husband was Charles William Jr.Son of Charles william,sr and Elsie Kenney,
William George Rowden Jr.   01/05/2000 21:28 Three Lakes Oneida Co. , WI USA
Great site. Grandson of Thomas O. Rowden, Wales. Just checking in again. My Uncle Thomas Rowden moved from Illinois to Arizona in the 70's or 80's. I would like to locate either Him or his four daughters. Thanks.
Bobby Pierson   19/04/2000 22:55 Fontana California USA
Hi, the reason I slipped into your page is, my mom's maiden name is Rodden, and we've been trying to do a family tree on the Roddens and I've been told that Rowden was one of the surnames that some of our relatives went by, if this makes sense to you or if you have some info you think I can use please respond,Its been nice talking to ya, where you from? Bobby
Donna Rowden   03/04/2000 02:18 Coleman\Brady Texas usa
Looking for info did you know there is a town in Texas named Rowden close to Coleman
would be interested in rowden travels to usa to tennessee or alabama

Am part of Rowdens from van zandt county tex. would like to trace as far back as possible. great grandfather came to vand zandt county txas from paint rock alabama after civil war.

Bob Rocek   28/03/2000 16:59 Corando Cal SanDiego
I am looking for anyone that knows of my mother,she was a Rowdon, Born Iva May Rowdon
Jeremy Rowden   25/03/2000 22:16 Tyler Texas US
My grandfather's name was Pete Rowden and moved to east Texas from Brownfield, Texas. If anyone knows of Rowdens in west Texas, please let me know. to east Texas from Brownfield, Texas. If anyone knows of Rowdens in west Texas, please let me know. to east Texas from Brownfield, Texas. If anyone knows of Rowdens in west Texas, please let me know.
Christopher A. Roden   25/03/2000 13:54 Kenton Obion Co., Tennessee United States
My name is one of many other ways to spell Rawden. It used to be the old way to spell it but the families decided to change the surnames. One of my kinfloks has made a 3 inch book about our family history. he has it traced back to the 11th Century A.D. If you have any info about my family or have any questions about it, write me at my email adress.
Chris Roden   25/03/2000 13:43 Kenton Tennessee USA
I have kin that has traced my family roots all the way to the first for of Roden and etc. The first original name was Rawden. There is a place in England that still stands named Rawden Castle. You might know where that is. Our different families diverged and formed many different families with Roden, Rowden, Rhoden, and many others as their surnames. This is only part of a 3 inch book on my families history.
Robert Lee Rocek   25/03/2000 01:51 Kent Wa King
I am looking for my mother, she was Born Iva May Rowdon in Willton Minn, Feb 7th 1908. I would like to hear from any- one that knows of her,Thanks
Jenniffer Rowden   22/03/2000 03:04 Diamond Springs ElDorado, California united states
I need help with my geneology.....this is a good start for me....I hope
Melinda Blair   19/03/2000 06:16 Joplin MO
My great-grandmother was Melinda Caroline Rowden. Her married name was Slavens. I am not sure where she was born but died in either Empire or Galena, Kansas. She may have been from Indiana or Ohio. She was Native American (Cherokee). I'm am just beginning to trace the Native American part of my family. I've always been told that John Davenport is where this heritage began. My grandmother remembered visiting him on a reservation. I do not know if he is Melinda's father or grandfather. There are alot of Rowdens here in the southwestern part of Missouri. If anyone has any information please e-mail. Thanks so much.
William G. Rowden jr.   14/03/2000 21:18 Three Lakes Wisconsin USA
My Grandfather & Grandmother were both from Wales and entered the states through Toronto- Detroit.
LaShannon Rowden   14/03/2000 00:59 St Elizabeth Miller/Mo usa
Jerry Rowden   12/03/2000 22:41 Columbia Missouri USA
I am looking for the parents of my grandpa, Paul Emerson Rowden. I know that Great grandpa was a preacher in Walnut Grove, MO. His children were Eva, Jewell, Dean, Earl and my grandfather Paul, nearly all of whom lived in the Kansas City, Kansas area. My grandparents Paul and Dannie Dillie Link Rowden were married around Rome, MO in 1920. Any long lost cousins out there?
William Kelly Rowden   12/03/2000 16:19 Willcox Cochise/Arizona United States
Tammie Rowden McCrory   10/03/2000 23:28 Ft Worth Tarrant/TX United States
I have never really gotten on the net before and I wanted to see if there might be Rowdens in the world other than my little "clan". I was so overwelmed to find so many and want to learn so much more on my family. I'm hoping that maybe I can find information on my beloved, dearly missed grandfather's family. Alfred Daniel Rowden (my "granddad" and "A.D." to friends and family) was a most respected and loved man who finally "went home" in May of 1994. He once told me that he thought the Rowden name might be Irish but wasn't sure. I can't wait to find out more so I can pass the Rowden traditions on to my children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for this website and I will be doing deeper research now that I know where I can find my history. Tammie Rowden McCrory (I love you Granddad!!!! Rest In Peace!!!)
Carmen Perdue   28/02/2000 12:33 Salem Oregon USA
Researching my Great, Great, Great, GrandfatherJoseph "Josee" Rowden. Born 1765 in Halifax Co., Virginia. He married Susanna "Susey" Adams. They had 12 children. Thanks Carmen Perdue
Chris A. Rowden   25/02/2000 20:59 Springfield Illinois U.S.A.
Hello my father Raymond A. Rowden has researched the history of the Rowden family here in America,tracing it back to England 1638
Jill Rowdon Ridgedell   24/02/2000 20:05 Independence La USA
Alycson Rowden   24/02/2000 17:09 Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
My father was a Rowden, unfortunately I do not have access to him and therefore I do not know much about my "roots". I was told that my paternal grandfather lived in Oklahoma and that we have native American (possibly Cherokee) in our blood. If anyone has any information on Native American Rowdens', please contact me via Email. Thanks so much!
Raymond Allen Rowden   23/02/2000 21:26 Springfield Illinois Sangamon
Sons Raymond T., Micheal D. Christopher A.
Rosemary Rowden Galten   23/02/2000 00:08 Petaluma CA USA
Hello. My dad, Robert Martin Rowden, signed the guestbook way back in Oct. '97. I just found this sight and I am thrilled to know that there are so many of us out there! As he mentioned, our immediate roots are in Missouri and Illinois. I traveled to London in '89 and the first thing I did was check the phone book - 25 Rowdens! Wow! Thanks for a great site.....RRG
Sandra Rowden Miles   15/02/2000 02:27 Waleska Cherokee, Georgia USA
My Father was born on Rowden Road in Ellenwood, Henry County, Georgia. Ellenwood is a small "suburd" south of Atlanta.
Krismarie   13/02/2000 12:29 Antwerp OH USA
I was wondering if the other Rowden families were in the fishing business. The Rowdens from Brixham, Devon had alot of sailors-fisherman, ship captains, and many of their descendants went to the sea as sailors too.(including myself) Keep up the good work Gavin!
Jeremy Rowden   03/02/2000 13:10 Hugoton Kansas U.S.A.
Great site, I like to see that there are a lot of Rowden's out there in this big world of ours.
Charla Rowden-McAlpin   30/01/2000 02:36 Port Orchard Washington USA
Looking For family of Charles William Rowden Jr
Joy A. Rowden   30/01/2000 01:56 Port Orchard Washington USA
A widow who never knew any info on Rowden family, but for childrens sake would like to give them a family heritage to pass on to their children. Thankyou
Kimberly Rowdon   29/01/2000 09:25 USA
Dennice Pearl Rowden   19/01/2000 16:11 Portland Oregon U.S.A.
Just looking for any family members, Grandfather was Earl Rowden, Father Dennis E. Rowden
Molly Rowden   28/12/1999 19:00 Austinburg Ohio USA
How many Rowdens are there in the USA and would they be related to me
Monette Rowden   26/12/1999 09:54 Forsan TX USA
just checking out website
Thomas Rowden   13/12/1999 16:48 Toledo IA U.S.A.
David V. Rowden   29/11/1999 17:29 Bonne Terre Missour USA
Aubrey Lee Roden, Jr.   19/11/1999 11:41 Pampa Gray Co., Texas 79065 USA
Just got my first computer and am new at this @ 73 years young. Hezekiah Roughton came to Jamestown in 1619 on the ship Bona Nova. He was born between 1590/1599 in Dorset County, England. Margaret Rootes arrived in 1619 on the ship Warwick and they were married in Jamestown. They were working on a plantation when the Jamestown massacre occured.
Rebecca L. Sharbutt   16/11/1999 22:39 Leon Kansas USA
Mark Stephen Rowden   12/11/1999 20:16 Dixon MO U.S.A
I am very intrested in trying to find my roots and this site is helping
Charles W. Rowden   03/11/1999 22:55 Sperry Oklahoma USA
I am interested in information on a John Rowden from Kent, England between 1700 and 1712. A sea captain that migrated to America and was lost at sea on a return trip to England.
Harold Dunning   14/10/1999 22:43 Erie, Kansas 66733
My mother was a Rawdon. Her Grandfather was John Rawdon who came from around Waynesboro, Tenn. He served in the conferate army. After the war, they moved to the Thayer, Mo. community. I am working on getting more information.
Dale and Donna Rowden   14/10/1999 21:00 Farmington GA USA
Just Browsing!
Wilfred Couch   06/10/1999 16:43 Lake Wylie South Carolina USA
Looks good. Thanks again for sharing. Wil
Jeanne Rowden   17/09/1999 00:56 Portola California USA
I honestly thought it would be practically impossible to find any Rowdens. So here I am on my very first search, and the first page brings up Rowdens. I am a descendant of Albert Rowden of Cass County, Missouri. His horses were confiscated by the Union army, so to get even, he joined Quantrell's Raiders. Spend the majority of the Civil War in a prison camp. Moved to California after the war. His son, Albert, jr. worked for a stagecoach company in the Napa Valley. I think the family was from Ohio prior to Missouri, but I know nothing before that. I'd love to hear from other Rowdens! Thanks for such a great site! I've already learned a lot!
Sara Rowden   08/08/1999 12:20 Green Ridge Missouri USA
Great Site!!! I don't know much about my family history. All I know is that my immediate family Rowdens are from the Dixon and Crocker, Missouri areas. Again, this is a great site!
Laura Kay Rowden   27/07/1999 14:51 Vienna Missouri United States
Albert Fissette   16/07/1999 10:52 Bolton NY USA
I was just checking out the Fissette link to your family.
Wilfred Couch   10/07/1999 15:17 Lake Wylie South Carolina USA
Grandson of Frederick Rowdon b12 Jan 1869 in Crediton, Devon m.Ellen Martyn Harris b.6 April 1864 Martintown, Devon Name was transcribed as "Rowden" when entering US. Family(my mother all become Rowdens) Frederick spent some time in the Royal Navy I have 5 modern generations of this line. You apparently do not ascribe to the legend of the Paulyn the archer and the manor on Rawden Hill as the origin of the name?
LaVaughn Jackson Nash   01/07/1999 17:41 Jacinto City Harris CO, TX U S A
My mother was a Rodden, am trying to see if there is a connection between the two names. Thanks for having such a great web site. Good luck.
Janice Rowden   30/05/1999 14:59 Oklahoma City OK USA
STILL.. looking for ROWDEN immigrant from possibly Devon, England to Virginia in 1600's. I've heard the Sea Captain story too..never seen any we won't go there... I am a descendent of John Rowden born about 1738 in Virginia, married Sarah ECHOLS, Son Joseph ROWDEN, son Elijah ROWDEN, son John ROWDEN, son William Thomas ROWDEN, son John Alexander ROWDEN, son Marion ROWDEN of OKC, OK. (MY Dad).
J. McCutchen   24/05/1999 03:11 Newberg Oregon USA
I am not a Rowden. I am looking for some information on a Tom Rowden. A friend of mine has a very lovely watercolor by him. It is signed Tom Rowden (could be Rawden) 1891. It was bought in New York City in the early 1930's. It is a well executed landscape, jersey cows, fields, water, blue skys. Please contact me at my e-mail address if you have any information regarding this painter. JLMcC
Krismarie   12/05/1999 13:12 Antwerp OH USA
I am looking for information on EVELYN (EVALINE) ROWDEN who married after WW2 to Norman SMYTHE (he was in the British Army). They moved to Victoria, Australia after the war where his mum lived. Anything would be great!!
Christopher K. Rowden   09/05/1999 07:40 Clyde N.C. USA
Just browsing.
Thomas Ray Rowden   27/04/1999 19:24 Toledo Iowa U.S.A.
Dayna Erin Rowden   25/03/1999 17:17 Spring Hill Florida USA
Wow! I spent my entire life thinking that Rowden was an uncommon name. Boy was I mislead! Anyone know anything about the Rowden's in the States? Did you know that there is a Rowden, Texas?
chris and leslie rowden   14/03/1999 22:49 marshfield mo. usa
Krismarie Fetter   14/03/1999 21:08 Antwerp OH USA
My Rowdens came from Brixham, Devon, England to Dublin, Ireland around 1830. They came with the Memery's, Elliotts, Grays, Blackmores, Weldricks etc. All of whom intermarried with the Rowdens in Dublin. This website is great as usual Gavin!
Tyler Lee Rowden   08/03/1999 00:10 Coronado California USA
Son of Thomas A. Rowden from Barksdale, Texas. Born in Corpis Christi, 1948. Mother Ella Berrien. I have 2 daughters, Sienna and Mariah. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins I remember: Adelle,Mike, Pat, Danny, Lewis. Chris Rowden. Brothers: Thomas, Larry, Scott; Sister-Francis. Contact me if you like. Tyler.
David Walter Rowden   11/02/1999 10:51 Reston Virginia USA
Peter Rowden   03/02/1999 20:36 Groton Massachusetts USA
I am not sure if my family origins are English, Irish or both. You have the best information I have been able to find so far. Many thanks.
We have the same last name! Isn't that wierd.
Jeanine Rowden Williams   16/01/1999 00:30 West Liberty IA USA
I am also looking at my family history like my cousin Ray and his wife Karla Ainsworth and was happy to find this site. My father is David Lawrence Rowden who is the twin brother of Dana Jean.I know my grandfather William Washington Rowden's family were from the Houston, Missouri area.Karla Ainsworth has done a great job with the names of our ancestors and our family would love to know more information, there is a lot of twinning and triplets in our lineage.Thank you for such a wonderful site.
Tammy Rowden-Brannon   11/01/1999 00:33 Marion IL usa
i enjoyed your site i have always been told that our name and family came from uk. just doing a little snoping around
Michael H. Rowden   30/12/1998 04:35 5915 Kenai Spur Hwy. = Kenai Alaska 99611-8430 USA
A descendant of John Rowden B: circa 1700 ( Sea Capt. lost at sea About 1738/39, does any one know the name of his ship )Son John Rowden, Son Joseph Rowden, Son Elkannah Rowden, Son James Newton Rowden, Son James Orestus Rowden, Son Arthur Woodrow Rowden my father, like any information on this family line.Thank you.
Sherry Baumgardner   16/12/1998 12:45 Tyler Texas USA
Hi Gavin, Check it out....all these Rowdens over here. Have not bumped in to any of them yet! Here they think I am Swiss German with a name like Baumgardner (originally Baumgartner). Great web page Gavin! Sharon
Krismarie   16/11/1998 13:23 Antwerp Ohio USA
Hi Cousins, Gavin, this website has been wonderful! I have found cousins in New Zealand, Dublin and all over England. It has been very satisfying to find all of these people who make up the fabric and stories of our family. Thanks again Gavin for such a great job!!
Deborah Rowden   11/11/1998 22:32 Ellensburg Washington USA
Thank you for providing this web page. My husband believes an ancestor of his came to Virginia in the 1600's but we haven't found any proof. I am just beginning to explore the internet for information.
Jeff Rowden   11/11/1998 20:03 Memphis TN USA
Just looking for my roots.
David K. Rowden   10/11/1998 10:34 Ann Arbor MI USA
My father, aunt, and uncle all live around the West Bloomfield, Michigan area. I'm currently a student at the University of Michigan. Great job on this page!
William Kelly Rowden   08/11/1998 12:11 Willcox Cochise Co., AZ USA
I am the son of J.R Rowden (born 1925, Blue Ridge, TX). He is the son of William Rowden (born 1897, Oklahoma Territory). He is the son of James Rowden (born 1869, Kansas?). Need information beyond this point. Family legend has it that father of James was William. If you have further information or would like family tree from James forward, please contact us. We have a whole pile of Rowdens out here in Arizona!
Edward LeRoy Rowden, Jr.   23/10/1998 15:01 West Bloomfield MI United States
My family can through Canada to Lapeer Michigan. From Lapeer to Detroit. This is a outstanding resource. Other Michigan Rowdens, Southwells, Mc Vitties please contact.
Aimee Rowden   23/10/1998 14:02 Atlanta Georgia USA
I am orginally from the Detroit, MI area along with the majority of my relatives. I find this very interesting! I know my dad will love it, because my grandmother was tracing our roots before she passed away!
Daniel M. Rowden   07/10/1998 15:44 Kentwood MI US
There are many of us in the Michigan and Illinois area in the United States.
Pat Rodden Nelson   01/10/1998 02:06 Irving Texas USA
Was wondering if you ran across the spelling Rawdon,Rodden. Rawdon England (near York to the west) is where my cousin Paul Rodden researched and was able to write his book. Rawdon Hall still stands. I also was told to search Somerset for more Rodden's. Got any information about any of the above? Thanks Pat
Joshua Rowden   25/09/1998 16:39 Albuquerque New Mexico USA
Carmen Perdue   19/09/1998 23:49 Salem Oregon Marion
John Rowden   26/08/1998 12:43 Savannah GA USA
Thanks for the information, will try to send you some from the area of Missouri A.S.A.P. on my Dad's family.
Richard Troy Rowden   24/08/1998 17:39 Marrysville Yuba Calf. U.S.A
Robert (Justin) Rowden   19/08/1998 11:55 Weatherby Lake Platte/ MO USA
I am originally from Southern Illinois. I am 14 and proud to be a Rowden
Judy Rowden Hoskins   16/08/1998 20:58 Cibolo, TX US
I was born in Dallas in 1949. There were a great many of us living in the area. My grandfather and his four brothers moved to Dallas from Van Zandt County during and after W.W.II. My grandfather (Levi Bradford Rowden) was born in Alabama in 1898. His ancestors were from Tennessee.
Brenda Y. Dake Grosvenor   19/07/1998 00:13 Cedar Hill Jefferson/Missouri U.S.A.
I am trying to find out if my great grandmother,Margaret Adeline Rowden, born Jan 28,1861 in Missouri was the natural child or adopted child of William Rowden and Abigail Renfrow.
Kirk McVittie   15/07/1998 19:21 Farmington MI US
I am currently on vacation and have, along with my 5 year old son, begun in earnest to track down my family roots. Today, at the Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit, MI, I located the grave of Lena Rowden (2/5/1873 - 3/16/1957), my paternal grandmothers mother. The Rowdens', I believe, still have a number of folks in the Lapeer, Michigan area. Would be greatly interested in contacting those of this branch of the family
Allen Rowden   04/07/1998 07:54 Sunland California U.S.A
this is all new to me, i'm just trying to find out if i might have some sort of family out there. i am a jr. and iv'e never met my father, the man i got my name from. i am 37 and born in los angeles, my middle name is leon and my mothers name is Bonnie. i am interested in finding out anything at all, thank you.
David Brian Rowden   28/06/1998 12:50 Lowell Arkansas usa
Just looking through the net. My father was Clifford Dean Rowden. He grew up in Kansas He had 5 brothers and 1 sister. fyi thanks for the website David Rowden.........
Milton Whitaker   27/06/1998 22:12 Bothell Washington U.S.A.
Ancestor- John Rowden, born 1710-12 Kent, England, was English ship Captain of merchant vessel who settled on Staunton River in what is now Henry County, Virginia in about 1738. He had a wife, maiden name Johnson, and a son named John Rowden born about 1738. John Rowden was lost at sea with his vessel about 1739. Anyone have possible information on this Rowden?
Noel V. Rowden   26/06/1998 10:39 Richland Missouri USA
Just looking around ,doing my family tree ,If anyone know's Leroy Rowden ,Carl Rowden Lilian Jones, Dean Rowden.They all grow up arounded Richland , My father Leroy DOB 11-29-29 My mother Joan Carol Rowden DOB 3-1-32 Joan Died 7-26-85 Mark Rowden is my brother ,do know his date of birth, Noel DOB10-10-74 , I looking what every that may help me along the way. Thanks Noel
Janice Rowden   25/06/1998 17:32 Okla. City Oklahoma USA
Hello from Oklahoma. I am the 7th of 9 children of Marion Rowden b.13Nov1909 d. 21Dec1984 and Mary Ann Feuerborn b. 15May1918 d.15Sep1988. My grandparents were John Alexander Rowden and Mary Emmaline Swift. I have a lot of scattered genealogy information, and usually try to match the stories up with ones my Daddy told me about. One is "When the Mayflower landed, Rowdens were on the shore ready to greet them." This corresponds to a Salem MA census record of a John Rowden in 1651.
John Amos Rowden   21/06/1998 15:20 Chanute Kansas USA
Born May 13 1933 Skiatook Okla. Father Allcy Amos Rowden Grandfather William Thomas Rowden, father and grandfather from Marysvill, Missoure
Karla Ainsworth   13/06/1998 20:32 Independence Iowa USA
I have done some family history. Would like to know more on the Rowden family. My mother in-law is Dana Jean Rowden Ainsworth. Her mother and father were William Rowden and Edna Atkisson. Williams parents were Joseph Rowden and Arminda Johnson and his parents were Hardin Rowden and Lucinda Prowe or Proe. Then there is William E. Rowden and Levineh Prewitt, and Abraham Rowden and Rachel Chick. That and I have now if someone can help me find more please let me know. Karla
Judy   23/05/1998 15:16 Leoti Kansas USA
I am a ROWTON researcher. Our name is also mispelled ROUTON and possibly ROWDON? You have a great site. It wonderful that you are helping link so many people. Keep up the good work. If any one has come across anything on ROWTON in their ROWDON searches, I'd sure like to hear about it, since the 2 names are so close in spelling.
Jerry   03/05/1998 21:23 whitehouse texas usa
my line is from alabama and connected to the birmingham name. There is also a town in west central texas by the name of "rowden".
Charlotte rowden   22/04/1998 21:11 Twin Falls Twin Falls, Idaho USA
Edward Rowden   29/03/1998 01:06 Superior Montana United States
We wish to now of any relativity of each other.
ann rowden bailey   26/03/1998 15:33 glasgow kentucky usa
I am Garys cousin and my father and I love your site. My father has been tracing his family for years but back then he had to research through the library.Some of the pitcures you see on Garys site were pitcures my father contributed. We are very lucky that we have someone in our family that wants and is able to preserve our heritage. We love him dearly. Ann Bailey Rowden
Curtis E. Roughton   23/03/1998 15:39 Rowlett Dallas, Texas USA
My last name has been connected and spelled Routon, Routen, and Rowden. I'm trying to find a connection with John Roughton/Routon from North Carolina, Virginia to United Kingdom sometime in the early 1700's.
Rick and Alice Rowden   21/03/1998 18:42 Cottonwood Arizona USA
Just browsing, Gary mentioned your site.
HENRY ROUTON   20/03/1998 14:07 CALLAWAY VA. 24067 USA
as you see from my name 'routon' i'm also interested in my roots and thought this maybe related speeling/etc. i've been told we are of british/irish but any more i'm not sure?? thanks i enjoyed your site.
Gary G. Rowden   05/03/1998 07:12 Houston Texas USA
I really like the up-dated appearance of your site. I now have my web site up which has a link to yours. Check out the Rowden Family 'OnRamp'. Keep up the good work.
christopher s. rowden   05/02/1998 16:16 marshfield mo. u.s.a.
Jim Cobb   03/02/1998 01:56 Bridgeport Alabama USA
Hey I just found your site. My mother's maiden name was Rowden so I am interested in your information on the Rowden name. The lastest so far that we have traced the name of kin folks is back to Isaac Curry Rowden born in Tennessee in 1817. So I wonder if you had any traces up to his name? If you do please e-mail me. Thanks Jim
Clifton Rowden   22/01/1998 11:37 Iberia Missouri U.S.A.
Come and see me!!!!!
Michael Hale Rowden   20/01/1998 15:31 Kenai Alaska USA
A decenant of John Rowden (sea Capt. lost at sea), son John rowden, son Joseph Rowden,son Elkannah Rowden,son James Newton Rowden, son James Orestus Rowden, son Arthyr Woodrow Rowden my father. Like any Information on this Family Line. Thank You.
Kris Fetter   20/01/1998 14:01 Antwerp OH USA
As usual, great work Gavin!!
Jennifer Sizemore   11/01/1998 13:19 Ramona California U.S.
Please send me information on the family seeker program. Thank you jennifer
Deanna Jeanyne Johnson   01/01/1998 21:00 DeerTrail Arapahoe CO USA
Would like to know if there is a connection to Rawdon. This is my ancestors name. They came from the New England states ( i believe born in Connecticut) and settled in the Ohio area
mark a.rhoden   29/12/1997 07:34 sacramento california usa
i was wondering if you have ever come accross the spelling "RHODEN" in searching for info. as far as i know the origin is about the same, from england etc. if you have any info please e-mail me.
Carol Hattrup   28/12/1997 01:09 Pasco WA USA
Hello again, Gavin. I enjoyed your web page, and I have contacted some of the Rowden researchers who have signed your guestbook. Thank you!
Tim Brogan   23/12/1997 19:03 Keizer OR USA
My Mother's maiden name is Rowden. Her name is Lorraine and her Father's is Melvin and he originally came from White Plains MO and moved to southern Oregon.If anybody has any more info please let me know. Thank you!!!
Kris Fetter   16/12/1997 19:23 Antwerp OH USA
Hi Gavin, just dropping a note to see how you are doing in teh great hunt. Molly Rowden Pyman's husband died in June, I'll the particulars to you later. David was in his 80's, and Molly is surviving. Her granddaughter moved back from Australia to be closer to her. Hope you are well!
Jeff Rowden   07/12/1997 23:35 Clarkston WA USA
William C. DEAL   03/12/1997 09:42 Carrollton Texas USA
I am a "shirttail relative" of the ROWDENs by way of the marriage of Amanda EVERETT to Laban ROWDEN on 17 December 1853 in Floyd County, GA. Amanda died on 27 July 1915 and is buried in Scott (Van Zandt County) TX.
Gary G.Rowden   29/11/1997 17:06 Houston Harris, TX USA
Just beginning to geneology research - can trace back to paternal great grand-father, William Benjamin Rowden, born in Terre Haute, IL; died and buried in Searcy, AR I have some good help in learning the 'how to' and 'where to' but am basically a novice. I hope we are related somehow. I am a retired criminal investigator (Houston Arson Bureau) and am now serving in my 10th year as a Substance Control Rep. with the Houston ISD Police Dept.
Mark Allen Rowden   12/11/1997 10:35 Stockbridge Georgia USA
Gavin, I had no idea the Rowden name was so common. It is certainly not here in the U.S. I'm fascinated by this discovery and would love to find out more.
Ray Rowden   09/11/1997 07:24 Austin TX USA
Just browsing...
Jay Rowden II   31/10/1997 11:36 Pensacola Fl USA
Clifton Ernest Rowden Jr.   29/10/1997 19:37 Holland Michigan USA
Very good page. I am looking for any information on a John Rowden b. circa 1700. He brought his family to the states around 1738. He was a captian of a ship and was lost at sea. He had a son named John also and married Sarah Echols. I am trying to find both desendents in the states and ancestors farther back in England. If you have any information which may assist I would appreciate hearing back. Thanks Clif Rowden
Robert Martin Rowden   29/10/1997 11:38 San Rafael California USA
Congratulations to Gavin on a most appropriate web site. According to the information available to me, my branch of the family arrived in Virginia during the last decade of the 18th century, then migrated westward. My immediate ancestors are from southern Illinois and there are about 250 Rowden families in Southern Illinois and Missouri, connected to this branch.
Benjamin Reed Rowden   28/10/1997 21:23 Berkley Michigan U.S.A
Christopher S. Rowden, R.N.   26/10/1997 23:35 Newport Beach California USA
Love to hear from any or all of you. My branch of the family settled in southwest Texas...and i'm headed back next June for good
Kim A.C. Rowden   25/10/1997 12:57 San Bruno California USA
...just sneaking another peek.
Matthew Baumgardner   17/10/1997 14:08 Beavercreek Oregon U.S.A
Dear Gavin, I have enjoyed the sight and have learned a bit more about the family.Sharon gave your address and told me to have a look.I wish you much success in your search for the Rowden's history. Sincerly Matthew Baumgardner
Brenda Rowden Morgan   15/10/1997 22:06 Temecula Riverside/CA USA
Hello, Just happened across your page. I am not a true Rowden, my grandfather changed the spelling from Roudon sometime during the depression. Although during my research, I have seen it spelled at least six different ways (Rowdon included), which makes it very difficult. Some say they came from England, others from France. Have not been able to determine that yet. Will bookmark you for future reference. Brenda Morgan