The Rowden Gallery

Family photographs often bring an enchanting connection with the past, often recalling wonderful memories. Photos taken before we were born provide us with an insight into the distant past - maybe we notice a family likeness in a face, a smile, in someone's eyes or in a poise. Some images can also show us the places where people lived, maybe the villages or towns where they grew up.

In these galleries images are grouped on a family page by sept. Each image is presented as a thumbnail - click on this for the larger picture. Clicking on the name will take you to the individual's pedigree entry if available. Septs with a large numbers of images are subgrouped into albums. Each album relates to a family group within the sept.

I am grateful to a growing number of people have been sending in pictures for the galleries and the new format makes it is easier for me to add images quickly. Please note the numbered link in square brackets showing those who have supplied images. Contact them directly if you wish to obtain a copy of the photo.

Do you have Rowden pictures suitable for the gallery? New images are always appreciated - for details of how to include them click here.

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