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Lisa A McKay   11/09/2022 06:58 SAN ANTONIO, TX, United States.
Searching for Richard and Anne Rowden, with son named Eric. They were my foster parents in 1980. I would love for them to know that they were incredibly helpful and left a huge impression on my life. They lived in Scarborough at 22 Stanwell. It appears the house may have been sold at some point, not quite certain. I just received my foster docs and found their address. Thank you for anyone's help
Carol Yeomanson   03/10/2021 16:01 London, United Kingdom.
Would anyone know anything about Mary Susan Rowden, Emily Rowden, Jack Rowden or Patricia Rowden. Mary Susan was my Grandmother, Emily my Aunt, Jack my Father and Patricia was Emily's Daughter. Adopted and taken to Canada. They were all from St. Thomas in Devon originally, but then moved to Bedwelty in South Wales.
Joanne Buchan   18/04/2021 21:32 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
I have been steadily going through all of the paper associated with my genealogy research (shredding/recycling a lot along the way and will eventually start scanning the keepers). I came across a paper listing One Name Studies Webinars and thought I should do a Surname search to see what would come up. My first hit was Rowden. It appears that I am the 9th great granddaughter of Christopher Rowden (1631 - 1663) through my 3rd great grandmother Anne Rowden (b1800). I would be interested in connecting with anyone else who is related to this line.
Glenn Rowden   02/05/2020 19:11 Victoria , British Columbia, Canada.
Hello To my European family . I was born in Toronto , Ontario 1953 , lived most of my life in Victoria , B.C. Vancouver Island .It's so interesting to note that so many Rowdens exist , we are a wonderful group .
Ash   04/01/2020 20:42 Toronto, Ontario, canada.
Not sure if this the right place to post this, but I've been seeing this post being dhared on Facebook and figured it can't hurt to share it here too. Jim Orell- I'm trying to find my cousin Judy Rowden's two brothers. She is in Etobicoke hospital with little time left due to cancer. Their names are Charles Rowden and Eric Rowden. They all grew up in the Scarborough area and separated from each other through the years. She would dearly love to see them and say good bye. Please if anyone may know them or where they may be reached we would be very grateful. Judy is 76 and Eric would be about 54 or 55 and Charles would be about 65. Thank you !
Diane Phypers   16/07/2016 23:11 Olds, Alberta, Canada.
Gavin could you please contact me. I am having trouble getting an email to send to you. Diane
John Shayne Randall   28/06/2016 20:59 Peterborough, ON, Canada.
I am Writing a bio on Ken Randall who played hockey in 1911 for the Port Hope professionals. His Team mate was Clarence Percy Rowden, a local man born in the area in 1885. Any info on Percy would be welcome. Cheers, Shayne Randall
Mackenzie-Comyn Rowden   17/01/2014 06:47 Nanaimo, British Coulumbia, Canada.
Hey Ièm looking to trace my lineage as far back as possible. I want to get all the information about the family and history that relates myself and my relatives.
Don   07/10/2013 21:28 Minesing, Ontario, Canada.
Seeking info on Major PERCY ROWDEN. He served in the Army Service Corps pre WWI, during WWI and stayed in the Royal Army Service Corps after the war. By 1936 he was a senior NCO (WO CL1) when he was commissioned as a Lieut. During WWII he was promoted to Captain then Major. Acting Lieut-Col when he retired in 1948. Any info appreciated.
romy.thomson   15/09/2012 01:19 rastatt, Germany.
I was a guest of richard and ann in scarboro stanwell drive in 1981, searching for eric or his brother or sister. I would like to get in contact
Diane Adams   12/04/2010 17:42 Calgary, Canada, .
I am looking for Chris Rowden, his dad is Forrest Rowden from Cobourg Ontario, thanks
Douglas Billington   30/01/2009 18:37 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Hi, I am looking for information on Rowdens from the Lincolnshire-Grantham area. Specific people include Joseph and Sarah Ann born in 1848-50 and 1852, married in 1881. In the 1911 census they are listed as Rawden, but found as Rowden everywhere else.
Darrell Hawthorne   15/07/2007 01:01 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Thank you for this excellent web site. It has helped me in finding my Rowden relativesand I must say this is a very professional site. My great Grandfather was Thomas James Rowden ( Hope Township, Ont 1864-1936) and his second wife was Annie Alida Colon (Hamilton Township, Ont 1867- 1932). They had 7 children. Irene Maud (1899-1899), Roy John (1901-1970, Mary Ann (Mae) (1903-1965),Janet Margaret (1905-1905), my grandmother Pearl Dorothy (1906-1997), Margaet Evelyn Sybil ( 1907-1932) and Forrest Thomas (1910-1912. Pearl Dorothy married Percy Samuel Hawthorne (Kendal, Clarke Towonship Ont. 1904-1970 Peterborough). They had six children. Roy Thoams (Canton, Ont 1924-1944 kilied in Caen France during Caen Invasion), Ruth Evelyn ( Canton Ont. 1925- ),Percy William ( Canton Ont, 1927- 1997 Peterborough), my father John Robert (Port Hope 1933- 2001, Peterborough), Kenneth James (Port Hope 1938- ) and Margaret Joan ( Port Hope 1940- ). John Robert married Jean Grace Hill July 18 1953 at Peterborough. They have tthree children myself, Darrell Robert (Peterboroough Aug 4 1958), my sister Brenda Jean (Peterborough, Dec 6 1961) and a brother Bryan Thomas (Peterborough, Dec 7 1963). Bryan married Natalie Ruth Ewing Oct 3 1992 in Peterborough. They have 3 daughter, Sydeny Nicole( Port Perry, Ont May 6 1996), Myranda Grace (Port Perry Ont, Jan 5 1999) and Robyn Shayna (Port Perry, Ont Sep 21, 2001). ZIf anyone reading this message has more infornation I would greatly apperciate it. Pls contact me at
Richard Rowden   24/11/2006 16:02 Oshawa, ON, Canada.
Interesting,look forward to more galleries
Meredith Rowden   04/11/2006 02:29 Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
Interesting project. Congratulations. See no ties with the Llantwit, South Molton or Newton Rowdens.
c blair rowden   17/08/2006 12:21 kitchener, ont, can.
hey kent yes we are first email addy is hold of me bud would love to chat with you..
Kent Rowden   17/08/2006 03:10 Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Hi Cecil. I believe you are my first cousin. My dad was Jack Arthur (younger brother to your dad Cecil). My grandfather Rowden is Stanley Edward. I had the good fortune to visit your dad when he was living in Red Deer. I looked him up in the early 90's. Sorry to hear about his passing. Mom divorced dad when I was little so never got to know you guys or uncle Bill or Aunt Phyllis.
cecil blair rowden   15/08/2006 15:06 kitchener, ontario, canada.
very well trying to track dwn the family myself.just started at it so long way to was stanly cecil rowden..his dad was edward stanly rowden
Laura Blore   04/08/2006 19:23 Headingley, Manitoba.
I have recently become involved in learning of my grandfather Kancel Rowden, I don't believe A Rowden was able to get through to my aunt Barb Roschuk (Rowden) but I would dearly appreciate any information you may have at this time. My email address is current and read through every day, Thank you.
Kent Rowden   25/01/2006 19:58 Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Hi Gavin. Been awhile. Thought I would drop in and say hi.
Eric Rowden   14/01/2006 19:28 Kitchener, Ontario, canada.
Looking for relatives of george rowden and lavinia beale
Rick Rowden   04/06/2005 20:56 Oshawa, ON, Canada.
Barb Roschuk   22/04/2005 18:29 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Hello again, I am just sending a quick update that on my previous post, my contact email was listed as .com when the full address should've been If anyone has information that would be helpful to me as per my last post, please contact me. Thank-You!
Trevor Stanley Rowden   17/04/2005 23:08 Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.
This is very interesting. I have been looking up a bit of our family history tying to figure out where we were from originally. My grandfather, George William Thomas Rowden was born in Canada but I'm pretty sure that his father was from England. I have found another site that has a bit of our info on it. I think that we also have some relatives in Dublin and the US as well. Thanks.
A Rowden   17/04/2005 05:21 Ontario, Canada.
I have recently read the message from Barb Roschuk on this site, and feel that I have information that may support your inquiry. The email shown did not work when I sent a reply message, therefore you can email back to the address shown should you get a chance. Regards AR
Barb Roschuk (nee Rowden)   06/04/2005 20:56 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
I am very happy to have been pointed in the direction of this site by my sister Sharon. There has been a lot of useful info and interesting facts about the Rowdens. I have many questions about my family history. My father was Kancel James Rowden of Port Hope, Ontario. He had 2 children with Eileen, and 7 with my mother Jean (deceased). If anyone has any additional information on this please contact me through my daughters email, Thank-You and keep up the excellent work on the site!!
sharon blore   03/04/2005 02:56 . message
Sheila Bruce   17/02/2005 02:26 Mineapolis, MN, US.
I'm looking for more on GEMINA Rowden (my ggrandmother on my dad's side who came to the US from Port Hope area in thye late 1800's) and her parents and siblings. I have everything from this website (so far anyway) but am wondering what anyone else has (family stories, etc)and if anyone knows how the 1912 death date for her was found. I believe it was 1930.
mike nuttley   16/01/2005 19:50 guelph, ontario, canada.
i am related to Howard Henry Rowden .and his father came from Whitstable, kent, England. And i'm also looking for some informetion on the Surname Nuttley.
Jonathon Bradley Rowden   15/01/2005 23:53 Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Hello from Canada. Just wanted to say hello to all Rowdens.My Grandfather was from Whitstable,so if any Rowdens still living there we could be relatives so let me know if you wish. Thank you.
Jonathon Bradley Rowden   15/01/2005 08:46 Guelph , Ontario, Canada.
Hello from Canada! My Grandfather was originally from Whitstable Kent England. I would like to hear from other Rowden's in that area. Who knows we may be relatives?
Philip Rowden   15/01/2005 06:25 Harriston, Ontario, Canada. message
Leslie Rowden   03/01/2005 17:57 Whitstable, kent, England.
My name is Leslie Rowden but i'm not from canada i'm from Whitstable in England, where the sur-name Rowden originally came from 450 years ago.
Juliette Florence Rowden   05/12/2004 05:24 Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada. message
Julie (Rowden) Tufts   05/12/2004 05:06 Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada.
Hi My name is Juliette Florence Rowden (Tufts) and presently reside in Ridegway, Ontario, Can. My parents are Margaret Elizabeth (Wallace) Rowden of Arbrouth, Scotland and Harold Albert Edward Rowden of England. They had 4 children, Michael, Allan, Dororthy and Juliette. Grandparents were Osborne Rowden and Lillian (second wife) of England. Harold Rowden's siblings were, Frank, Arthur and step sister, Muriel (Rowden) Haines. Osborne Rowden's first wife had 3 sets of twins. Harold was one twin with his twin passing away at birth. Art and Frank were twins with Arthur dying during WW1 and is buried in Italy. To the best of my knowledge the other set of twins dies at childbirth. Anyone knowing of any other Rowden history and connected to Osborne Rowden of Lewisham, Egland and his first wife, please e-mail me at Thankyou.
Shae Rowden   26/11/2004 11:54 Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
I'm 11 years and I am a family of 4 but my whole family date backs 100s of years ago.
Eric Rowden   11/11/2004 01:40 Kitchener, Ontario, canada. message
Michael Patrick Rowden   07/09/2004 22:03 Kingston, Ontario, Canada. message
David Garnett   22/06/2004 05:36 Victoria, B.C., Canada.
Great site! Would like to hear from any descendants of William Rowden (1863-1919) and Anna Maria Hudson (1865-19540 I am related through the Hudson side and would like to exchange information. Regards.
John G Rowden   19/05/2004 20:04 Winnipeg, Mb, Ca.
Well hello again Gavin...I just needed to get back here and see what was new.After seeing my fathers name in the list I thought I would like to add there is a ton of information along with names to be added.Although where to start is a hard question.I am the youngest son of(Kancel Rowden)from Porthope Ont.I hope I can get information as to getting this set up on the site.I have posted my e-mail address.Please foward any info. Greatly appreciated...JGR
Debbie Raymer   16/05/2004 01:45 Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.
What a wonderful site! My mother was a Rowdon, Joyce Phyllis, listed on your site. I am very pleased to find all this info about my Rowdon ancestors.
keep up good work on keeping track of us all
Leslie Deines   29/12/2003 21:25 Sherwood Park, Alberta , Canada.
Greetings from Canada - Very happy to find the Rowden Page.Don't know how I've missed it for so long as I have been doing research for 25 years. Thanks to Gavin for his prompt reply. It allows me to put my Grandmother on the family tree.
Matthew-James Rowden   15/12/2003 17:30 WINNIPEG, Canada, Manitoba.
Im 15 and i just heard of the site because my parents told me about it. I like the site, I never knew there was so many Rowdens. I hope there is more out there.
Mrs. Jean Adams   21/06/2003 05:23 Parksville British Columbia Canada
My maiden name is Rowden and I would like to find out if I have any ancestors in Europe, do not think there are any in Canada. My grandparents immigrated to Canada I believe in the 30's. My grandfather's name was Melvin Thomas Rowden, married to Jean Riddell. I think my grandparents immigrated from Scotland.
Leslie Rowdon   05/06/2003 00:27 Ste Anne des Plaines Quebec Canada
Wonderful wonderful work. You have helped me so much in finding my family tree. If there is anyone in the Ste Catharines,Ontario area related....please drop me a line
katy jobin   07/04/2003 00:19 montreal canada canada
Hi my Mom is a Rowden Leslie and my Grandfather Larry (Lawerence). If you know them please write. Thanks
Bret S. Rowdon   21/01/2003 22:14 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Leslie Rowdon (my sister, another guest signed here) mentioned this site to me. For a bit more details about our direct family, see her comments.
Patrick Rowden   12/01/2003 16:56 Didsbury, Alberta Canada
My name is Pat Rowden and I am 69 years of age. My dad was born on Graham, Texas. He immigrated to Canada in 1907. I believe he would have been around 16 at the time. He homesteaded in the Hanna, Alberta, area. He did not seem to know much about his family history, but I would like to know if there are any relatives living in the USA. For your information I have a website: Pat
Suzann Rowden   07/01/2003 01:28 Whistler British Columbia Canada
I cannot believe how many Rowdens there are. We have the best family tree of all!!!!
Leslie Rowdon   05/01/2003 17:32
My great great grandfather was Thomas Rowdon born in Bow,Devonshire who married a Mary Avery from North Tauton,Devon. They were parents of Alfred, Charles, Mary A., Jane, and Thomas (my great grandfather).Alfred was born in Barking,Essex and all the other children in Cheshunt, Herts. My greatgrandfather Thomas Edward Rowdon born 2 June 1874 in Cheshunt, Herts married Clara Abbot born 6 August 1874 in Cheshunt,Herts. They had 2 children: Edward Thomas Rowdon(my grandfather) born 28th June 1901 in Cheshunt and Olive M, born in 1905. Thomas Edward came to Canada between 1908 and 1913. Is there any connection to anyone out there? Would love to hear from you.
Leonard Rowden   29/12/2002 11:06 Kingston upon Thames Surrey England
I am a direct descendant of William Rowden( -1714) from the Steeple Langford site. Thank you for your Christmas greetings Gavin. Will be happy to share what info I have on my English and Canadian family trees.
Forrest Rowden   03/10/2002 18:28 Cobourg Ontario Canada
Born in Port Hope Sept. 19 1940 son of Roy John Rowden & Louise [Marden] I have 4 sisters Jean, Marie, Lorraine, Doris. I was married to Joan West [deceased] 1985 , 3 children Chris Cathy Cindy . Married to Cindy Borutkie 1986 also have a stepson Stephan Bob. My cousin Gladys Andrus has our family tree dated back to the 1800,s . any info is welcome.
Cindy Lou Sherwin Rowden)   10/07/2002 07:13 Cobourg Ontario Canada
It is very interesting to see such a large family history, I am the granddaughter of the late Roy Rowden and Louisa Rowden (Marden). My father is Forrest Rowden, and he is 1 of the 5 children. There is 4 sisters Lorraine, Doris, Jean and Marie. I am married to Dennis Sherwin and have a daughter Breanne Michelle Sherwin. Thanks for sharing this website.
Cathy Bunn (nee Rowden)   10/07/2002 06:20 Cobourg Ontario Canada
To whom it may concern I am a granddaughter of Louisa Marden & Roy Rowden. How do we add to this family tree? My father is Forrest Walker Rowden. Who is 1 of 5 in that family. The other 4 are sisters. Jean, Marie, Lorraine, Doris. I think it's fascinating to see how far back the Rowden name goes. Thank you Cathy Bunn
Michelle Schroeder Rowden   06/07/2002 09:04 Wolverhampton West Midlands United Kingdom
Just a quick Hello to all those Rowdens out there. I am part of sept 25. I have just graduated as a Primary School Teacher and looking forward to my summer holidays. I am trying to contact some of my relatives in Saskatoon in Canada possiblt with the surname Nelson. If anyone has any information it would be greatfully recieved.
Greg Rowden   27/06/2002 20:39 Oshawa Ontario L1G 6T7
I was able to show this site to my grandmother bernice, who's 97 now. Since my grandfather died before I was born, the sit was very helpful. Regards, Greg Rowden
Jennifer Rowden   20/04/2002 05:28 Stellarton Nova Scotia Canada
Hi everyone. My name is Jennifer Elizabeth and I have 2 older brothers named Michael Patrick and Mark Edward John who currently live in Ontario, Canada. Our father, Michael Edward John is the oldest of 4 children born to Margaret Elizabeth (nee Wallace) and Harold Edward Albert Rowden of Lewisham in Loughborough in July of 1943. My father imigrated to Canada when he was only 3 months old. My grandfather, Harold, was a Gunman in the Royal Canadian Artillery. My grandparents last known address was 18 Sandrock Road in Lewisham. My father was born at Maternity Hospital Long Whatton Castle Donington RD (at least that's what is says on his birth certificate.) I believe that my great-grandfather's name was Osborne. My grandfather was one of 6 children (3 sets of twins) born to Osborne and spouse (name unknown). I have more information regarding my family such as facts and a family tree but I have presently misplaced it (in the process of moving). If anyone believes they may have connections to me, I would love to hear from you.
Adam Rowden   01/04/2002 21:22 Pebble Beach California USA
Hello This is a really neat site. I'm Adam Rowden, originally from the Oshawa Ontario area, son of James K Rowden who originated from Port Hope. Currently living in California USA, but much of my family is still living in the Oshawa area.
Geoffrey Rowden   04/01/2002 11:53 Bedford Nova Scotia Canada
I am originally from the Wiltshire / Somerset branch of the family and hav ebeen in North America since 1983.
John Rowden   01/08/2001 23:24 Cornwall Ontario Canada
My father was John Brown Rowden and was born in South Shields, Durham County in 1900. He came to Canada about 1924. Died in 1940. His parents were David Brown Rowden, Born Nov.28, 1872, and Mary Jane Webster, Born July 26, 1873. Believe they were married in South Shields but born in Sunderland.
Patricia Anne Kent (Worth)   01/04/2001 21:15 Oshawa Ontario Canada
I am the daughter of Edith Gwendoline Rowden, My mother passed away August 4, 2000. My mother was married to George William Worth , 1921-2000 , he was born in Newcastle England. Edith has two sons Michael Allan Worth 1956- and John Norman Worth 1960. I (Patricia) was married to Ronald Kent and have two daughters, Leah Katherine Kent 1982- , and Lauren Banwell Kent 1986-
Cecil Blair Rowden   26/03/2001 12:38 kitchener ont canada
William "Paul" Rowden   25/03/2001 01:33 Kitchener Ontario Canada
Gayle Hodgson (nee Rowden)   22/03/2001 21:22 Bewdley Ontario Canada
I have just spend the last 2 hours visiting your site and many of it's extensions. Happily, I found a reference under the Rowden Family Records relating to Zeal Monachorum, which specifically refers to Port Hope Ontario Canada where I was raised and my family has lived for generations. This piece of information will help us in our local geneology. Thank you, and feel free to communicate if there are other sources we might access. The evening's search commenced with our niece having to do a Family History and Coat of Arms search for a school project. I've enjoyed the search and would like to look further. Sincerely Gayle
Brad Davis   20/03/2001 23:57 Toronto Ontario Canda
Great Site... interesting to see the history on the Rowden name and see some of my relatives comments on the site. My mother is Nellie June Rowden of Port Hope.. My memory/knowledge of the Rowden (Port Hope) history was my grandfathers father (Rowden) was from Ireland.... any comments
Allan Osborne Frank Rowden   01/12/2000 09:15 Calgary Alberta Canada
Good Morning, My grandfather came from Whitstable. He came to Canada in the early 1920's, Lived in the Toronto, Ontario area. I have one aunt still living in the Toronto area. Muriel Hanes
Kelly Licari   31/10/2000 22:53 Nepean Ontario Canada
I am doing a search for my aunt (mother's sister) who's grandfather was named Hoarse Stanbury Rowdon. That would be my great grandfather on my mother's side. If you have any information to share that would be wonderful. He was born Feb. 2, 1881 in England and then moved his family to Montreal, Quebec Canada. His wife's name was Jessie Angelina Wright. They had several children (only a few remaining, one is my grandmother). If you can be of help could you please contact me at the above e-mail address. Thanking you in advance, sincerely, Kelly
My great grand father was Hoarse Stanbury Rowdon, born in England Feb. 2, 1881. He married Jessie Angelina Wright and had several children. They moved to Montreal, Quebec Canada around 1915. My grand mother is still living at 89. If anyone has anyinfo that would be great. Thanking you in advance, Kelly
Jennifer E. Rowden   30/10/2000 23:39 Oshawa Ontario Canada
I have always been very intrested, not only history, but my family history as well. I am so glad to see that there are so many other people just as interested. My knowledge of my family history goes back to my great grandfather Clifford Rowden born 1898. I hope to find more about the Rowden family, and this will provide a great start. Thanks!
Keith and Deb Rowden   23/07/2000 01:23 Ontario Canada
We were wondering if the Rowdens had a family crest.
Dianna Rowden   02/07/2000 22:32 Toronto Ontario Canada
My grandmother told me that my grandfather was born in UK do not know much about him>his name was Robert
Renee Hainsworth   30/04/2000 21:56 Rocky Mtn House Alberta Canada
Neat site,my mother is a Rowden Whos grandparents on fathers side were william (1883-1933) and Margaret nee Murphy (1882-1965). Immigrated to canada(Manitoba) about 1910 from Ireland by boat.Just looking for more info.
Sheila Aubuchon nee Rowden   30/04/2000 21:43 Leslieville Canada
Sandra Lloyd   11/04/2000 11:39 Cloyne, Ontario Canada
Very pleased to find your site. My grandfather was William Rowdon (1848-1923). He was born in Bow, Devonshire, England- son of John Rowdon & Elizabeth Clement. Sibling thought to be: Thomas of Torquay, Jessie (Gayer), Emma (Burfield), Abraham and possibly others. William came to Canada about 1856 and later settled in St. Catharines , Ontario He married Mary Isobella Bennett, had a large family. When researching as a teen my grandmother always reminded me not to get the spelling of "Rowdon" mixed with other spellings. Will visit your site often. Would like to hear from other "Rowdon" researchers.
Gregory (Clifford John) Rowden   08/03/2000 03:14 Fort McMurray Alberta Canada
I feel like I have struck gold! I am amazed at the work that you have done for the Rowden name!! For years I had only met a few Rowden relatives and they were in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada area. Was involved in the ministry, am a journeyman electrician, worked in in fire protection devices, and now a career change... computer information systems. I hope to get in contact with more of the Rowden family and discuss a lot of history/stories. my icq number is 32361934, under the name of "Johnny" Wish you all the best.
Bev Kelly   28/01/2000 14:31 Port Hope Ontario Canada
Just logged on to site. My mother's maiden name was Rowden, first name Audrey. I am going to look at your site. My husband's mother's name was Mabel Rowden. It is nice to know the Rowden name is so popular
Adam Rowden   18/01/2000 02:06 Harriston Ontario Canada
Just surfing the web and came across this site. I am currently searching for Canadian Military Service Records for my Great Grandfather and Grandfather. I'll be sure to tell the rest of my family (Guelph Kitchener area) about this site!
Douglas Loram-Martin   16/01/2000 10:27 Sutton Province of Ontario Canada
Sir I'm originaly from Crediton where some of your family has resided in the past.I've been trying for sometime to find my family tree or linage,but can't seem to get into the registerys I need.I was wondering if you can give me the info required to do so,it would be greatly appreciated.I was born on Jan 6 1926 and my wife and I have resided in Canada for 45 yrs.We have 4 sons 2 daughters 10 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren,and I would like to research my family tree and pass it on to them Thank you your page online is the first to give me anything to work on
Kent Rowden   19/10/1999 15:03 Calgary Alberta Canada
Hi Gavin I have an bit of an update for the history. Under George Rowden family tree (B c.1801) the marriage date for my father Jack Arthur Rowden and June McArthur (my mother and father is 12 December 1952. As well this summer I tried looking up my uncle Cecil Rowden in Red Deer, (last visited in 1991) however he is no longer listed in the phone book. I was trying to track down dates of marriage for Cecil, Phyllis and William (Bill). My father Jack Rowden was deceased in December 1971 so that can be added to the record as well. Any questions let me know. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
Cynthia Rowden   29/09/1999 23:46 Toronto Ontario Canada
Interesting site. I'm a descendant of Rowdens who originally immigrated from Bedford, England. Seven brothers, including a Septimus. I was recently told of an exhibit in the Imperial War Museum, on women who were spying for England during the WWII, I think. One of them was Diane, or Diana Rowden. She apparntly was killed in France, during the war . Any info on origin would be appreciated.
Christine Rowden   14/06/1999 22:05 Thompson,Man. Canada
Kent and Janice Rowden   11/05/1999 23:11 Calgary Alberta Canada
Hi Gavin Just visiting the site again since December. I have some info to add to the list of Rowden's. I noticed you had my daughter Amber listed but don't have my wife listed. Janice Ann Rowden (nee Seifert) (b1964) is my wife. Just to give you some more info to help fill in the blanks. Great site. I'll be back. Take care. Kent Rowden
Terri Rowden   08/05/1999 04:59
I've created a web community called Rowden Family. It's part of a leading web service called Delphi that specializes in helping people create their own discussion groups, chat rooms, and personal homepages. To join our discussion, simply go to If you've never used Delphi before you'll need to go through a quick registration (so you can post messages). It only takes a minute and it's free! Hope to see you there, terri
Terri Rowden   07/05/1999 22:48 Alberta Canada
I am researching Rowden surnames throughout Canada to, hopefully, put out a history book for interested family members. Right now my search is mainly in Ontario. I am looking for any younger members of the family who might have links to different branches and know of others still alive willing to share their history. I am making an email mailing list for anyone interested. Any stories, facts, history about your part of the tree, would be appreciated and welcomed. I have hundreds of pictures that I am willig to scan and share with others, as I know they are Rowden's, but i am unsure exactly who is who.Thanks!
Mark Jones   05/04/1999 08:23 Montreal Quebec Canada
I have been searching for information on a late 19th century painter named Tom Rowden. I have a painting by him that was sold at an auction at Exeter in Devon. Would you have any information on him and his life. Thank you Mark Jones
Rick & Karen Rowden   13/03/1999 10:11 Aurora Ont. Canada
My wife Karen is doing research on my name. Born in Oshawa, father from Oshawa; his father Earl Thomas Rowden from Port Hope; His father John Thomas Rowden from Port Hope. Thats as far as she can trace. Any linkage would be appreciated. Great site!
Karen Rowden   10/03/1999 10:57 Aurora Ontario Canada
Terrific Site!!! I'm doing tons of research on the Rowdens from Port Hope. I've noticed quite a few people on this site who are interested in the same info. I'm going to establish an e-mail list for any people who can contribute / or want info on the Port Hope Rowdens. E-mail me if you'd like to be put on the list.
Kent A. Rowden   30/12/1998 14:09 Calgary Alberta Canada
Hi Gavin. I got this site info from my brother Rob Rowden in Ottawa, Ontario as well as some family lineage info and figured I'd check it out. Great site.
Kent A. Rowden   18/12/1998 14:37 Calgary Alberta Canada
Got info from my brother Rob Rowden and decided to take a look around. I'm originally from Port Hope, Ontario.
Jennifer S. Rowden   22/11/1998 18:09 Oshawa, Ontario Canada
Hey! This is the most awesome sight! What a wicked Idea! Well, my grampa was Ralph Orel Rowden and his brother Donald (Doc) was a wicked athlete and was the first coach of the Oshawa Generals. Im really interested in my roots, I know that I have relatives in Port Hope and the states its just a matter of finding them. But this is a great help. Thanx
Rob Rowden   07/11/1998 00:04 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Very interesting page. My family came from England (I don't know where exactly) in or around 1851 and settled in Port Hope Ontario on Lake Ontario. Thanks for the info. Rob R.
Wendy Truscott   18/09/1998 12:47 Scarborough Ont. Canada
Hi, Gavin-Thanks for your Christmas card and your website information. My son down-loaded it for me some time ago, but I am finally on the net myself. I'm very impressed with your site and wish to thank you for your help in the past. When I publish the next part of our family history this winter, the Rowden section will be included, and I will send you a copy. All the best. Wendy
Geoffrey Rowden   21/08/1998 13:55 Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
Grandfather came from Wiltshire I believe
Louise Rowden   12/08/1998 22:31 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
It's nice to see so many people with the same name as me-my whole life I've never known any Rowden's that weren't related to me. My father is from Somerset, England and he has traced our family back to the mid 19th century. I'd love to find out if I have any long lost cousins!
Nancy Rowden Elsom   05/06/1998 20:17 Oshawa Ontario Canada
I happened upon this site last week and noticed my 1st cousin's remarks (Barb Grandy). I am the daughter of Jack Martin Rowden, twin brother of Audrey Rowden Pomeroy. She has given most of the information but I would like to add my great grandfather was John Henry Rowden, also born in Port Hope, Walter Rowden was his brother and lived in Oshawa, Ontario. Other sisters were Sue, Kate & Mary Grace who married a Haskill. If anyone has any further information on this line I would be glad to hear from you.
Nancy J. Elsom (nee Rowden)   02/06/1998 23:18 Oshawa Ontario Canada
I'm not sure if I've already done this once but thought I'd just make sure I'm here. Please delete one of these messages (Preferably this one) should you check and find two. Thanks in advance. Will be back soon. Neato!@!!!
Barb Grandy   04/05/1998 13:29 Port Hope Ontario Canada
My mother's maiden name was Rowden. Full name Audrey Grace Rowden. She was born in Port Hope, Ontario Canada in 1924. She was one of seven children. Her fathers name was Percival Rowden and her mothers maiden name was Ellen Hardcastle Martin. There are only three of the seven children still living. All are in Port Hope I was just checking the web for my own maiden name Pomeroy and decided to check into the name Rowden. If I can try and get you any information, please just e-mail me. Great site. I haven't looked at it all yet but am going to do so now. Keep up the great work.
Greg   30/04/1998 11:54 Oshawa Ontario Canada
John G Rowden   04/04/1998 04:18 Winnipeg, Mb, Canada
Very astonished,and pleased to see the Rowden name so large. Would like to keep tabs here and find more info into the history of the name. Excellent job on a great site!!
Jennifer Rowden   06/03/1998 20:56 Stellarton Nova Scotia Canada
I'm trying to trace my family as far back as I can on my father's side. I have some information but would appreciate any help you may be able to give me as to how I may find out more about my ancestors. My grandmother (Wallace) came from Scotland and my grandfather (Rowden) came from England. I would be so ever thankful if you could help me in any way. Jennifer E. Rowden
Trisha Rowden & Marilyn Rowden   18/01/1998 02:29 (orillia) ont canada
it was so neat to see another Rowdens on the internet my mother,brother,sister and i are Rowden's, and we did not know that there was other Rowdens in England, I'd love to hear from you. Trisha Rowden