Jasper - Mariner and Fisherman

Jasper Rowden was an influencial mariner and fisherman in the town of Whitstable, Kent. He was born in 1728 the same year as British naval commander and explorer, James Cook. The eldest of three sons, his father's name was Thomas although he seems to have been named after the two preceeding generations who were both Jasper.

He married firstly in his early thirties and Ann his wife bore him five children, although the first two sadly died only two months old. Following Ann's early death in 1775 Jasper married again and Sarah his second wife gave him a further two children. It was this same year that Jasper was appointed as Water Baliff to Lord Bollingbroke, Lord of the Manor for Whitstable. See a transcript of his appointment here. It is understood that Jasper received a watch from his employer whuich still exists today having been handed down throught the generations. The watch has Jasper's name enamelled into its face.

Want to see where Jasper lived? His home was for sale a number of years ago... see Captain Rowden's home ?.

As mariner and fisherman, Jasper was also a prominent oyster dregder and had influence in the Whitstable and Oyster Company ?.

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