Where did they live?

If, like me, you are someone who likes pouring over maps then this page introduces you to an exciting new facility on this website. With mapping facilities now available direct to a computer it is possible to map where our Rowden ancestors once lived. Better still, see the place as it is today using a satellite map.

Although still at the draft stage, maps are is now available on this site for a number of 19th and early 20th century Rowd*ns. Currently only census information is being shown as it provides ready location data for this period. However, it takes some while to research the precise locations using old maps etc, particularly outside of the towns. It will be some time before all the UK is covered although some US locations, mainly in MI and WI, are now included. Unless a specific request is made to the contrary, the locations at which people lived within the last 75 years will not be shown.

Access to the map relating to an individual is possible from the pedigree pages available from the family records page. An icon will indicate those people for whom a map is available; click the icon to show the map.

Icons indicating the relevant year, show where the person lived at that time. The sample map here shows where James Rowden (1834-1900) lived in Devon.

The buttons on the left of the map allow the user to zoom in or out (+ and - symbols) or select street view. The satellite button gives the present day aerial view. Some locations on the satellite map reveal no existing building, indicating that the former building has been pulled down. Others, indeed many in the towns, show modern buildings in their place.